Girls Like Me Better When They Dont Know I Blaze..

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  1. It's the classic scene from half baked. Mary jane doesn't know I be getting high with the homies. I know she thinks im cute and shes jockin enough to introduce herself to me and start small conversation. . But as soon as I let it be known i smoke and that pothead stamp in red ink goes across my forehead (another classic half baked scene fyi lol) she loses interest. Note that 'she' is all the girls I met that have treated me this way. This has happened to me atleast 6 times in my life. Last night I even got an 'ew' from the girl I met because she saw me carry my friends bong out for him lol. Well im not one to really give a shit about what other people think.. but I myself am starting to think what kind of opportunities am I missing out on? I realize it works both ways and I really do appreciate stoner chicks like no other.. but maybe this sober lifestyle might be worth a shot. I mean do girls really hate when guys smoke tree? Is it really that bad that I have to keep it on the down low? Bitch I live in cali imma do what I wanna.

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  2. Meanwhile if you had stupid amounts of money they would blaze too right, these bitches you hang around with are fake and gross, but don't say shit back cause you know white knightinghood is gonna come to her rescue!
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    i mean, just dont tell them. not that hard
    i know guys that did harder drugs than weed and had serious relationships with girls that had no clue 
  4. Lesson learned. I know now haha.

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  5. Haha. One time I thought it was a good idea to be honest about it, you know, so it wouldn't come bite me in the ass 2 months down the line. Oh boy that didn't go well haha. Thought it would win points for being honest but I guess not...
    Feels bad having to lie and cover my ass all the time. But hey, it was only bud.
  6. where the fuck do you live dude??
    where i'm from generally everyone smokes weed or has smoked weed before, or is about that lifestyle. drugs, partying, etc. i'm in NJ. could not date a girl who didn't smoke, and if a girl had a different opinion of me for doing so fuck that, i don't care
  7. Its quite simple really. If you gotta hide it or lie about bud either be prepared to quit or just let that person walk. Ive dated girls that when ive told them they freak because theyre not into it.
  8. Be up front at the beginning.
  9. i've never had a problem with that....i guess cause girls in my area tend to be hooked on unmentionables....smh
  10. Sounds like you really need to be meeting different kinds of people. Don't hide it, if the girl won't accept you for who you are, forget her.
  11. I had arrived to a point in my life when I had to ask myself.. "which do I benefit more from...weed or women?" The weed won.
  12. I wouldn't stop smoking just for a chance to start talking to a girl, you may never get to smoke again. I say stay smoking and fuck all this other girls who don't take you for who you are. You'll meet a stoner chick one day and youll fucking love it! More than you would if you had to hide your smoking from her.
  13. If she smokes, she'll let you poke. That's all you need to know.

    Dudes know I blaze upon first meeting. If they can't get down, it won't work. We need high sex and high conversation and curing the munchies with delicious foods that I make.
  14. All girls that smoke pot will let you fuck her.
  15. don't say shit haha. I dated a girl for six months and she never knew I smoked. my brother's been with his girl for like five years now and she still doesn't know he smokes. I usually don't tell girls that I do because it's none of their business and also you never know how they might be react.
  16. What if she liked to smoke ;P then you could smoke with her! I've hid drug use from boyfriends, not weed though.
  17. the very first day we met she told me that she doesn't like people who smoke. little did she know that I was smoking daily haha. after we broke up I was like fuck it and I just told her that I smoke weed everyday. she was like :O lmfaooo then she told me that she thought it was kinda sexy that I smoke. I guess because I look rather innocent and she thought that smoking weed was bad ass or something lol
  18. Good reason to lie then I guess, lol, but its shitty you couldn't be you.. Ah, the bad boy ex ;P
  19. Man the girls I hang around with smoke mad weed. Lol There was this one girl a while back I was smoking up all the time. Needless to say,  she returned the favor. All night long. 
  20. lmfaooo. I've always been myself, I just wasn't blazed around her. she would talk so much about how she hated potheads, not knowing that she was dating one haha. she fell in love with a pothead, now I've got a clinger on my hands...

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