Girls Can cannabis help you lose weight?

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  1. I'm a daily smoker have been for 12 years. My weight changes all the time and I've noticed when I smoke a lot more and don't have a job I lose weight without working out. But for the past 3 years I haven't not had a job for the longest a month. But I'm off and on since I'm working though a temp agency. But I haven't been smoking near as much. Usually about a gram a day when I would smoke an eighth to a quarter a day before.

    Right now I'm 5'7 180 pounds
    I can afford to lose 50 pounds. I've never been a stick but was curious if you ladies have gone through this?

    Will smoking more help me lose what I want to lose?

    Or any easy exercise/diet I can do. Not wanting to lose fast cause I don't want to lose my curves. Around 5 pounds a month until I reach my goal.

    I'm sick of not feeling pretty anymore and not being able to wear cute clothes! Honestly I don't feel like I look the same either.

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  2. if smoking weed helps you eat well and excersise then yes..
    if it makes you sit around and do nothing, then no.
  3. Most likely weed will make you fat

    This is because most tokers ssit around and eat

  4. a quarter a day?? :O wow.
    i just made an eighth last 3 weeks and you smoked a quarter a day

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  5. Special occasions like 420. I rolled a quarter blunt and hot boxed it in my truck. I was young I'd probably pass out instantly if I tried to do that today lol

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  6. i know that with munchies, i will eat almost anything put in front of me. so i try to buy fruits, nuts, trail mixes, salad, etc. cause i know that high is when all of that will taste the most amazing. and it does. and i dont feel bad about eating it all and then some.
    also i like blunts a lot because its easier to do yoga/pilates with a blunt/j than a bong or something.
    dance a lot.
    take blunts.
    it can help if you want it to.
    but i can just as easily get stuck in bed watching hilarious re-runs with chocolate.
  7. damn that sounds kinda awesome

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  8. Hahaha ur my kinda girl dude, your so funny I fucking love it!

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    I like nothing better than to have a smoke and go for a super long walk.  Sometimes with headphones in, and sometime to the sounds of nature.   I think you can use weed as a motivator to loose weight.  It's really not that hard but helps if you are organized since weed tends to distract you once you smoke it.  So, get yourself a camel back with good clean water. Pack some light food if you are doing a long walk.  Get your tunes and headphones all ready to go. Get yourself all ready as far as shoes, rain gear and warmth.   Have your puff while blasting a great song on the stereo, and that's all it takes to get yourself going!  I've been doing this for years and it works great.  Trick is to get organized BEFORE toking the good green herb. 
  10. The only thing weed has done to my weight is increase it, but at the same time I sit in an office all day and don't do any exercise, the only time I do any real exercise is walking around stoned on a night, usually 2-5 miles.
  11. I hope this helps.. I lost weight by getting high,dancing,and eating fruit or just starving during me,I lost weight. Drink lots of water tho.

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  12. I've been losing weight since I quit my old job from Hell in January of this year. Gained a crap load of weight before quitting (gained like 60 pounds in my time there), it was a call center job, chained to my desk by my headset and constant calls with pressure for stats and severe understaff. I started the year at 270 pounds, and am now down to 201. I'm so close to being out of the 200s, and I'm sure I will reach it within the next couple weeks.

    Basically, I was getting stoned nearly every night after work and going cray cray for munchies. The job made my anxiety go crazy, and I quickly discovered in my time working there that I am a stress eater. Anyways, I remember looking at what I was eating one night while I was blazed a couple weeks before quitting, and thinking "this isn't food. It's just processed crap, and this is what is killing me. There is no nutrition in this, all the nutrition is dead, and my body wants real nutrition so because I'm not eating as fresh as I should, my body is seeking more food to get the nutrition I need, so my hunger is not well satisfied". And processed food and junk food started creeping me and I couldn't eat it anymore while high (especially sugar - sugar was creeping me right out), and eventually just looking at or thinking of processed food and sugar made me feel ill even when I was sober. So I started buying shit tons of fresh fruits and veggies, and cut out as much processed food and sugar as I could (added sugar is in EVERYTHING). This was not an overnight change, it takes time to learn and re-adjust, and trying to do it all in one shot will overwhelm and discourage you.

    But basically, what I'm getting at, is that weed, for me, started to completely change my perspective on food one night. Weed helps me get a deeper understanding of things when I'm stoned, and it gave me the epiphany moment I needed to change my life around because I was going in a downwards spiral and felt I would probably die by age 35 or something if I didn't change I had never felt so awful and gross and miserable and lifeless in my life. We all know what to eat, and we all know what is healthy and what is not. We know that all processed pre-packaged food is bad.

    My smoking habits are very inconsistent. I can go from smoking daily to suddenly not lighting up for a couple months without thinking about it, but what I can say is that when I smoke daily, I definitely lose a lot faster. 

    I found that weed, if smoked daily, suppresses my appetite when sober, and I can easily go a whole day without eating, or eating very little. That, and going for a walk when stoned is freaking amazing. I just feel in tune with everything around me. It's amazing in the summer - watching grasshoppers hop and bees buzzing by, it's just amazing. Walking down the streets of downtown when the sun is starting to set, the streetlights lit up with snow on the gound. The feeling of the bitter cold as you're walking down the street. It's beautiful. I was smoking a few times every day back in August, and I lost a total of 15 pounds in that month alone, but as soon as I stopped smoking in september until the start of this month my weight loss slowed dramatically... and I started smoking daily again maybe a week and a half ago, and am down another 4 pounds since, and it's already starting to suppress my appetite again. Last night I just had a sandwich and a green smoothie, and I basically reminded myself I should eat because I wasn't hungry or feeling starved or anything.

    I read somewhere that when smoked daily, when sober your brain stops producing as much of the hunger signal chemicals because instead of doing it on it's own, it just waits for the THC to do it because the compounds in it will stimulate it for you, but once you slow down on the toking, your brain will start producing more of it on it's own again. I don't remember sources, don't quote me on it, I just remember reading a couple of other people saying something to that effect, but it could make sense. My appetite is down dramatically when sober when I smoke daily. Though I do know some absolute glutton stoners (and Hell, I used to be one), but with a much healthier diet, I do feel weed has complimented my weight loss. Again, as I've mentioned, when I smoke often I lose dramatically more than when I don't. The less I smoke, the slower my weight loss.

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