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Girls And Buying Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilcat, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Yo, GS noob here.  :wave:
    I've been smoking for a while but just through a friend. I'm pretty shy and not friends with stoners beside her. I started helping her pay since she's tight on cash and we're both pretty young and I smoke a lot of it. Thing is she's a hoarder AKA she ain't cool with rubbing me any to take home and I know she smokes it herself. I paid a 30 spot for our last batch while she gave up 20 bucks and she won't give me any, so I've been smoking cigs at home because I've been in the dumps lately and smoking calms me a lot. Anyways, I aint going to extremes to get my share off her since she acts really weird and upset when I try and basically I'm not paying in the future if she's gonna be this way. 
    Just curious, if you were in this situation and you don't have any hookups but could really use a toke, how would you do so? I'm an innocent looking white girl who is also really shy and I don't know how to go about these things and basically I can't get a card (although I am in Cali). Some threads said Craigslist but wtf? I'm looking for weed not to get raped and murdered aha, nothing too risky. Darn my having a vagina and boobs and stuff.
    Idk, what's going on ain't cool but I'm going through stuff right now and could really use some mj...

  2. Nah don't use craigslist haha. And if your just a skinny white girl I wouldn't recommend the ghetto dealers lol. I know you said she's the only stoner you talk to but surely you know some stoners from classes that you've been in. Message a couple and see if they can help you out.

    However what you should really do is tell you friend to stop being sheisty and give you the nugget that you already paid for.

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    If you have a bit of patience you could learn to use the Deep Web, and buy from there. It's not nearly as difficult as people seem to instathink that it is. If you spend a few hours studying, you can unlock a weed source that ships right to your fucking door.
    You have to learn about PgP encryption (of which google is full of info), the TOR browser (of which google is full of info) and buy bitcoins (of which google is full of info), and finally, find the best website to buy from. Again, google something like "silkroad 2.0 reddit" and you'll find a forum full of info, and help.
    People are lazy fucks and tend not to go for this solution, but that's pure laziness, it doesn't take an IT degree to buy weed from the web
  4. Just think back to high school. If your school was anything like mine there's always that group of stoners that can't talk about anything other than "that blunt that fell out of their pocket while they were picking up a pizza at the grocery store last night". Just hit one of them up on Facebook and ask if they have any bud they're willing to sell. You've now got a hook-up. Lol
  5. I wouldn't use SR or any deep web site for weed, to me that's too risky. I use it for other unmentionables.

    OP, you're a girl. I'll just assume you're hot as balls. Flirt around with guys who smoke and find their dealer. Flirt with dealer and get some good prices.

    I smoke on 1/5. I was always taught to reduce fractions.
  6. You could always just ask her for her dealer's number. If not, there has to be more stoners floating around your area. If you're friends with them on say Facebook, but not at work/school/etc. just message them anyway asking for a hook up. No stoner is going to let you go weed-less and plus, referring friends to your dealer can make your dealer your best friend (i.e better benefits) so they will defintiely help you out. Good luck!
  7. Ask for her dealer's number. You should also let her know that it isn't cool that you can't take home any of the weed that you helped purchase.
  8. #8 Stormy Sea, Apr 16, 2014
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    Dude fuck this chick....
    Tell her next time you go half on something you want to split it up before you start smoking, or ask for her dealer's number.

    If she says no and won't give it to you or help you pick up your own bag, screw her, stop letting her use ya. Find someone else, there are plenty of stoners around and most of them are pretty accepting and down to earth, and will help hook you up.

    It's not actually as awkward to ask as you might think, if someone shoots me a text I'm always down to find them a new connect, and nobody has ever shut me down when I've asked either so shouldn't be too hard to find someone.

    Oh, and advice? Don't front them your money, ever, if you can help it... haha.
  9. #9 Wavy, Apr 16, 2014
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    People are so fuckin stingy with the green!
    I've shot a number of homies a nug that they didn't pay for just so they can sleep better when they get home,
    shame on your friend!
  10. I'm not picking on you iVape but I hate this response. A girl shouldn't have to wave her tits around buy weed. You would never tell a guy to flirt so why is this the advice people give to women hoping to find a dealer? As a woman I want to have a straight business transaction with a shady dealer just like the rest of you.

    OP, your friend sucks. Ask for the number of her dealer, if you think she won't give it to you peek over her shoulder next time she calls or maybe sweeten the pot (teehee) by saying you want to buy her some green too because you just adore her so much. After you contact the dealer you can kick her to the curb for being greedy. Maybe try and go with her to pick up next time and talk directly to the dealer.
  11. Recommending TOR is just stupid. TOR got busted by the FBI months ago.
    Over 99% of TOR sites were taken down almost a year ago.
    This is not true. I made a purchase from SR 2.0 just a few days ago. The TOR browser is a browser and is therefore immune to takedowns; FBI can't target a client, that would be like taking down Chrome for a website you can access via Chrome. The Silk Road 1.0 was taken down, and there was a hack of 2.0 in early feb, but it's still going.
    Re-check your facts, sir. Your "99%" figure is bullshit, too. I won't get mad, but you clearly don't know what you're talking about.
    (much love)
  13.  If you wanna buy illegal drugs over the internet, then have fun. No disrespect. I'm going to be hitting up my best friend that sells and getting bud within 15 minutes of when I ask, and I can choose not to buy it if it's not top quality. To each their own.  :hippie:
  14. #14 VikingToker, Apr 17, 2014
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    Not everyone has that option. Living in a small town in Norway, I don't. I'm happy for you.
    Some of us have to turn to more difficult options to get our weed.
    Edit: The fact remains that you are simply wrong, and no one should follow what you wrote. Buying from the net has it's risks, but armed with a few hours of studying everyone could, and should do it. Better that than no weed.
  15. you got hustled lol,,
  16. She didn't give you any? Press her lol. That's your money.
  17. Well, similiar shit happened to me.

    Being smarter than my environment, i made a way to grow and never looked back.
    Never miss shitty people anyways.

    Imagine being able to open a cabinet and pulling a different jar of weed out each day. It's nice man.

    Your friend is an asshole and not much of a friend imo.

    Your outlook on your sexually..haha, wow
    Well it sounds like your friend is a little fiend...I would mention to her next time if I pay for half, after we smoke we split the rest and if she says no, then don't chip in with her anymore...You will find another person who sells soon enough, trust me, you are in California and she will soon realize that it was unfair of what she was doing, or she wont because shes a greedy person
  19. so you help her with money, and you even pitch in more then her and STILL leave home empty handed? that's some bullshit.
    time to toughen up and ditch that bitch.
  20. No I get what you're saying and respect that.
    The only reason I said that was because I usually see girls getting hooked up fat 😂

    I smoke on 1/5. I was always taught to reduce fractions.

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