girlfriends grandma is dying of cancer. Would it be messed up to dump her?

Discussion in 'General' started by soserious, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. I want honest opinions.

    We have been together for a year. Her grandma has had cancer the whole time. Her cancer is gone or in remission or something. Idk for sure but my girlfriend told me she isnt gonna drop soon or anything. But her grandma is so obese she cant walk and has diabetes. This obviously leads to a poor quality of life for her.

    But for the past month she ALWAYS wants my girlfriend around. She doesnt wanna be home alone. And even when my girlfriends parents are home she wants my girlfriend there. Its annoying because we can never do anything. We had a double date planned mall, tattoos, movies, party. We get to my girlfriends house her grandma starts crying when its time for us to go.

    Like i havent had a fun night in super long. My girlfriend doesnt want me to ditch her because shes lost most,of her,close friends over me. But i cant play monopoly inside all day.

    Plus our sex life has been lacking. And im honestly just ready to say fuck it. I know she will be sad because we are best friends. And im the main one who supports her through her grandma dying,her parents, school drama, and all her other bullshit.
  2. Bang her grandma and move on dude
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  5. Would you be able to find a real girlfriend? If not I dont really think you are at a loss.
  6. Too many trolls for a serious answer here. But in all honest, you shouldn't dump her if you still care about her. Tell her that you can't deal with a relationship like this and it has to change, and see how it goes from there. If she has lost her friends for you, then its kind of a shame that you can't be with her during a hard part in her life. Basically, it is a dick move.
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  8. I say break up with her. You arent happy obviously and questioning yourself if you should break up with her already. i say fuck it and move on.
  9. Yes, dump her, you don't deserve her. Then send her and her Grandma my way, so then i'll have 3 Grandmas and there will be cooking and baking constantly. I will call it Delicious Days. Maybe I'll open a restaurant and put my Grandmas to work.
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    really fuckin annoying that 75% of the replies in here are nothing but trolls. "bang the grandma" (dying of cancer), then send her my way, threesome of grandmas? how old are you people, 14? theres really nothing more productive you could say to a fellow blade in a tough position? get out of here. GC dont need your trolling asses. but honestly what more can be expected from GC?

    IMO OP talk to her first - tell her damn near everything you told us. the fact that yall make plans and it gets cancelled because of a sick but apparently not dying grandmother. the grandma has to get over the fact that the people who love her have their own peronal lives to attend to, i dont care if that sounds insensitive she cant expect her granddaughter your girlfriend to live for her only.

    if the GF takes it badly, i wouldnt say break it off officially, i would tell her you need a break. when she gets her personal life sorted out, she can try to talk to you again. thts what i would do.

  11. I agree with these. If you still care about her and still think you would want to be with her if it wasn't for her grandma trying to take up all of her time, then talk to her about it. Explain that you sympathize with her situation and that you don't want her to never spend time with her grandma, but the fact that that is all you do when you guys are together is taking a serious toll on your relationship, on your sex life, and on how close you feel to her.

    Maybe you guys can come to an understanding and work this out in a way that is good for all parties involved.

    But if you're considering breaking up with her because you just aren't into her anymore period, then don't string her on any longer.
  12. Make sure you initiate a great deal of THINKING before you just decide to execute that 'fuck it' attitude. Here are your options:

    1) DON'T break up with her, and instead communicate w/ the GMILF about how she's fucking you up.
    2) Purchase illegal turtles from the swap meet.

  13. ok i feel like i should post something serious to this, though. OP, if you love her, stay, if you dont, leave. Dont let her grandma corrupt you guy's love life. For all you know, that could be what shes trying to do. Talk to your girl man.
  14. WTF man, this girl is going through some serious shit, support her through it like a good boyfriend would, show your girl love and grow the fuck up!
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    Pillow troll face.jpg

    There you go OP, for sure to fix your Grandma troubles.

    If there's a Hell, I got first in line for sure.

    Edit: I should probably give some advice. Tell the girl how you feel. You have obviously alienated her from her friends so it's a HUGE dick move that you dump her thereafter.

    Edit #2: I hope you all appreciate how hard it was for me to make that picture. I'm so terrible at altering pictures it took me 15 minutes to make that.

  16. I LOL'ed.
    Seriously though , confront her about the problems you're having.
    A good relationship is an open relationship . Maybe you can work it out.
    I wish you the best !

  17. The best thing to do is sit her down and say exactly what you just said to us to her. After that just say hey I just feel like you are not available right now for a relationship and say you care but you think you'll be better off as friends from now on. That's about the easiest way to do it.
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