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Girlfriend smoking for the first time

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. I didn't get high till my 3rd time.
    I know my third time I had some good shit. My first two times I don't know if it was good or not because I didn't buy it, and I didn't roll it.

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  2. [quote name="BlazedPlatypus" post="19431089" timestamp="1391037155"]Now I'm about to quadruple post, but I'd like to ask another question. Did you guys get high your first time smoking? I don't want to be the only stoned fool present lol[/quote]I didn't get high my first time. Neither did my girlfriend. She got frustrated and cried and I laughed because I was blazed. I would suggest not smoking until you know whether or not she will get high. Haha. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    Ok, let me put this in English for you:
    Don't smoke and drive = Don't smoke while driving = Don't smoke now and drive later.
  4. Ahahahahaha
  5. Haha I laugh when ppl tell me not to drive high. if I'm sober I'm going 10-15+ over the spread limit, if high then I'm cruising along at the speed limit, give or take a few mph. Got pulled over for going less than 5 under the speed limit one time, so going slow is as dangerous as going fast when it comes to getting pulled over.
  6. So you are unable to drive while high? Because it's the same thing as driving least to me. And I feel like it's because I don't suck at's just easy and habitual.
  7. I got absolutely destroyed my first time smoking, using a bowl and it was only mids...I really don't believe the "you don't get high your first time" myth, if someone doesn't get high they most likely are not inhaling correctly...Just make sure you teach her to correctly inhale and she will get stoned.
  8. I didn't my first time, but the more I look back on it, I think I was high a bit cuz I was struggling with simple tasks, but you don't know what being high is like the first time so its hard to know what to expect.

    Like there is this one girl who comes over every once in a while, she always says she never gets high when she smokes. So we decided to give her a decent sized dab. When we gave her the piece she wouldn't even pull air through her mouth, she just put her mouth up to the piece and breathed through her nose, so the piece wouldn't bubble at all. She kept trying to say the piece didn't work, and I'm just sitting there like, are you fucking serious? Do you not know how to breath through your mouth? She finally figured it out and we gave her the dab, that she managed to let half of it get wasted to the surrounding air cuz she wouldn't inhale, but got a good amount. She coughed out a lung and got red/squinty eyed as fuck. She started acting stoned as hell and could barely even talk, but persisted to say that she didn't feel anything and that oil was bad. She asked me how I clean my rig and told her that I put it in a pot of water and let it get to a mild boil then all the oil floats out. She tried to tell me that was a terrible idea, that I couldn't smoke the reclaim and that the only way to clean it is by using abrasive/toxic chemicals. Are you really going to tell me how to clean my own piece when you didn't even know what oil was until that day? Ugh I hate ignorant people, they need to get over themselves and let their delusional ego get destroyed....

  9. Just keep packing it every ten minutes until shes high, problem solved.
  10. I knew how to inhale correctly cuz I had been smoking cigs off and on for a year prior to smoking weed my first time, and we split a 2 gram blunt between 3 ppl. Ppl just don't know what being high is until they get nuked, everyones natural tolerance is different too
    I probably can.  I also probably think I can drive while drunk. 
    I don't do either because I wear big boy pants and know it is not a good idea.
  12. Alright thanks everyone. Since the whole driving high discussion came up, I'll say that I don't have problems with it. I make sure to be cautious when I do drive high. We're going to chill somewhere safe until we get dinner. By then, I will have sobered up a little bit. Either way, just a week or so ago, I smoked after a workout and I was so high I couldn't even handle myself. Ended up getting paranoid about where I was (actually near a police station now that I think of it, yikes) and I drove off RIGHT after smoking. I was worried about how my driving would be, then I realizes I was just driving and it all flowed well. Just got used to it sort of.
  13. They're definitely two different things if you ask anyone who's done both. I've never driven drunk because alcohol impairs your judgement and I wear my big boy pants and know it's not a good idea. So I don't even drink.
  14. You clearly haven't seen the "Weed" documentary by Sanjay Gupta that plays on CNN. Studies suggest the social smokers have their driving ability impaired while high, but habitual users drive better while high. So get off your high horse and accept that not everything you believe is true for everyone else....
    Actually I have and it was quite informative.
    But given the OP mentions:
    tells me he is still in HS.  I make the assumption from there that he is not a habitual user like the guy in the Gupta special.
    My assumptions may be wrong.
  16. I try not to drive high. But, sometimes, I have to. And I don't have difficulties making quick decisions or anything. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. Well I don't watch CNN, but either way, that's true for me, and I didn't say it was true for anyone else, so stop being hateful.
  18. Yeah, I'm in high school. I don't use marijuana a lot. I do not have a problem driving high. That's all there is to it.
  19. I only got a little buzz the first time I smoked but I defintely was feeling some shit but I wouldnt call it high. I love driving high though it's pretty funny because I can never feel my foot on the pedal but everytime I look, I'm going exactly the speed limit then I'll notice it and it never deviates from the speed limit whatever the speed limit is. My only problem is sometimes my turns get a little wild but not too much
  20. [quote name="sapien" post="19430974" timestamp="1391035699"]he means that the bed of your truck is a good place to impregnate your girlfriend[/quote]Oh my fuck that was funnySent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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