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Girlfriend smoking for the first time

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Never thought I'd ask this question, but here it goes.

    My girlfriend said she wants to get high sometime. So we've arranged it to Friday. Here's the plan: we're going to go somewhere we usually go in my truck to mess around since no one is ever there but it's not too suspicious. We're gonna smoke there and drive around listening to music and gonna go get something to eat. I've never had a problem driving high, so I SHOULD be ok there.

    But I do have one big question: how do I ensure she gets high? I'll be able to tell her how to inhale, and it's good stuff, but the first time I didn't get high. I actually didn't get high for the first 5 or 6 times. I just want her to get a good high and enjoy it. What do you guys think? Is there any reason people don't get high the first time? How can I ensure it?
  2. Use a bong, at home. Prime it for her and tell her to take a quick, deep breath in (like taking a shot).
    Don't smoke and drive.
  3. I won't be smoking and driving, I'm just going to smoke a bowl with her, and then pack it away, wait and talk and listen to music, then go somewhere to eat. I am using a bowl though...
  4. "Don't smoke and drive."
    Bluntrides for life.
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    I, too, wouldn't suggest actually smoking and driving. I'm smoking, and then putting it my golf bag, in the back of my truck. I play golf, so it's very convenient since my golf bag is already in my truck most of the time. But I have always been totally ok driving. Even if I'm really high. It's really nice. I feel like I just get used to the fact that I'm high...and I'm really chill, but it's like I drive like I habitually would. It's like after a short bit I just become used to it.
    You'll be too easy to spot! 45 mph down the interstate! lol
  7. fuck ridin around and all that bullshit dude put your truck bed to use
  8. I don't understand this sentence. Could you clarify?
  9. you've got a truck. get some pillows and blankets, lay her down in the bed of your truck, and go bang bang
  10. #10 sapien, Jan 29, 2014
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    he means that the bed of your truck is a good place to impregnate your girlfriend
  11. Hahaha I do tend to go slow...but I won't be on the interstate. Just 35 mph speed limit roads. So I tend to go 30...which is a little pussy but for some reason when I'm high I go slow and enjoy the ride. Sober I'm going 35-40
  12. I figured that, but then I realized that it would be stupid for anyone to suggest it since it's winter.
  13. You live in the south too, I can tell cause of your avatar. We got hit with a snowstorm. It's 25 outside and snowy.
  14. Now I'm about to quadruple post, but I'd like to ask another question. Did you guys get high your first time smoking? I don't want to be the only stoned fool present lol
  15. hell yeah it's cold as shit outside more of a reason to fuck and warm up
  16. I got stoned my first time.
  17. You're trying too hard to make your girlfriend have the greatest experience of her smoking for the first time, just pack a bowl as if it were one of your buds.
  18. No man I'm not, this is the way I've been smoking for a few weeks. She'll just be present this time. All I wanted to know is if she'll actually get high. Cause I didn't. But I'm getting some reassurance.
  19. Okay I got you, must've misunderstood.
    I think it really all depends on the person though and their lifestyle.
  20. Nah man it's all good. I didn't clarify in the first place. I'm just gonna make sure she's inhaling in and to go in with an open mind. First time I got high, I KNEW it.

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