Girlfriend poked my balls with weed grinder.

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  1. Ok so idk how high she is or wtf she was thinking, but i was postd on the couch naked, an like she walks over, weed grinder was behind me but it was open.

    Then after a chill min of watching jerry springer (i know were white as fuk, haha seems like ervyone here thinks that),

    she started goin down n shit, then for some reason she picked up my weed grinder , and face down pokes my balls with it.....which fucking hurt, and now my balls kinda ache... i think ill be fine but it hurts..... AND FUCKING like i have atleast a small bowl toppings worth of kief on my balls now... Im so pissed.

    am i being being pissed over nothing, or like is this reasonable anger...
    i didnt even u kno what...

    edit: my grinder is a 4 peice with a kief catcher attached too a grinder blade thing with a screen, then on the other side is a grinder top.
  2. I'm sorry that's just stupid. =(

  3. The only way to solve this is to do as follows
    scrape the kief off your balls sweat and all
    Place it on a glass plate and let the sweat evaporate
    For all this trouble I sure hope she swallows.


  4. LOL this!:hello: +Rep bro!
  5. The only reasonable thing is to soak your balls in alcohol bro.. sanitizing's necessary cause that's a pretty morbidly kinky thing to do. Your balls might sting more but that minty relief knowin your somewhat clean will be damn better than lost kief
  6. wtf haha. i wonder what made her think that was a good idea? maybe she was gonna lick the kief off your balls but accidently bashed them
  7. shoulda squirted her in the eye
  8. At least she didn't grind your giblets, bro.
  9. Must have been some good weed.
  10. what if the next time you grind up some dro, you find a huge long pube in your weed..
  11. I'm extremely confused.....what could she possibly have been trying to do...poking testicles with a grinder....? MIND = BLOWN.
  12. youre tripping over nothing. give her a good fucking and forget about it
  13. Remind me to never use your grinder if we ever meet.
  14. lol make it very clear to never do that or anything like that ever again.
    then let go of it.
  15. fucking ouch man, I would done what Waui Said lol
  16. I'm seriously dying. :laughing:

    I guess it was one of those things, that in her stoned mind set sounded better in theory than in practice.
    It sucks you lost your kief, but I wouldn't hold it too much against her if she was really baked... I'm sure she's sobered up and wondering to herself what possessed her to do that too...

  17. You should call Jerry! Can you imagine the "final thought" on that one?
  18. I seriously hope you are kidding. Even a small scratch or a nick...I can't imagine the stinging and pain with ISO on balls. :eek:
  19. its chillin, + rep to most of you, I got over it. but made it clear that it will never happen again.

    As it is she has no grinder privlages.
  20. That is reasonable anger. Tell her to smoke those kief balls because that is not acceptable I mean what the fuck is that shit. I don't think most women know how sensitive our testicles really are. Being baked doesn't give you an excuse to do stupid shit, some people just don't think their actions through.

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