girlfriend passed away

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  1. just have to get this off my chest to someone, anyone.

    My girl was found overdosed on heroin today. How can someone do that to everyone they love? Fuck seriously though ,why can't everyone just be happy with weed. It doesn't kill you, if anything studies are showing how beneficial it can be medically.
    If this thread says anything to any of you,and you only take one thing from this story I just hope If you have someone you really care about and they are locked into a vice like heroin please reach out and help them. I was to late to make a diffrence but if you all are anything like the stoner hommies I have I know you know someone fighting it, please help them.
    It's not worth losing them, they only need to know that someone gives a fuck and is there for them.

    R.I.p. Anna <3

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  2. Sorry to hear that man.

    I have left a couple friends to that are in, various, less than pleasant states due to that horrendous drug.

    It is a terrible path and I hope you learn from it and find love again soon.
  3. That takes balls to say what you just said man, im sorry to hear what happened to your girl so just let it out man dont keep stuff inside. Drugs like that are just horrible and i hope you never go through that again man so you take care bro.
  4. Stay strong friend...It must be very difficult to have a loved one stuck in that vicious circle; every story of some young soul dying because of this drug makes my heart skip a beat.

    Lets hope she is in a better place now, far from this junk...

    Rest in Peace Anna
  5. Nothing good comes from Heroin and like drugs. If you're on it, you have a problem. Get help.
  6. Keep your head up man, losing a loved one is really tough.
    Sorry for your loss.
  7. Sorry man :( That's terrible.
  8. Ouch. I'm really sorry to hear that.

    I recently just lost a friend in the worse way possible. Stay strong man.
  9. Next bowl's for Anna, RIP. OP be strong.
  10. Been clean since may.. Its not easy man, dont be mad at her.. She didnt do what she did cause she didnt love or care for you. Addiction is more powerful then you can imagine. Sorry for your loss and her family. Drug addiction is a nasty thing jo
  11. Stay up OP
  12. Condolences man :(
  13. sorry for you're loss.

    i assume you're girlfriend had an opiate dependance, and unless you have experienced that,

    YOU HAVE NO IDEA how powerful the draw of opiates are, they are by far the most addictive substance on the planet, take it from someone who is currently battling a MILD opiate dependance, i've never done heroin, but i have tried all the extremely powerful synthetics, daluadid, fentanyl, oxycodone, ect.

    they are great and evil at the same time, and the dankest weed does not even come close to the comfort level opiates give you
  14. I am so sorry brother

    I'm a former heroin addict..I was dating a girl a couple years ago who used and got me on it as well..

    I don't blame her it was my choice
    Its one of the hardest drugs to beat..

    Don't abandon love..sending positive vibes ur way
  15. stay strong man
  16. This post really affected me. I won't forget your words anytime soon. Even in im sure is one of your darkest hours, you have helped me become a better person. Thank you, OP.
  17. Shit, so sorry to hear that OP.. :(
    My uncle has been on the same path for 25 years

    Stay strong brother, next bowl is for you.
  18. Im sorry about your loss. Opiate dependency is the worst. I have been there. Im on Suboxone now for over 1 year. It is the worst addiction by far. The hardest to come off of..the worst to try & quit. RIP ANNA. So sorry.

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