Girlfriend Made Out W/ Best Friend

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  1. Last night my girlfriend was blackout sloppy drunk. We were walking back to our dorm with some friends and got into a fight and I walked away from her. I turn around and she approaches my bestfriend and starts making out with him for a few seconds. She woke up today and didn't even know it happened, her roommate had to tell her about it. Idk what to do, I've never had feelings for someone the way I do for her
  2. Seems benign but I'd be pissed.
    She put you in a really shitty spot - you either accept her dumb fuck actions or get upset and look butt hurt.
    Personally, I'd dump her. Relationships w/ girls that will automatically fuck around w/ your friends on a Freudian slip should be shredded like a post-it note and scattered in the wind :smoking:
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  3. I'd ditch her. Even if she can't remember, in the moment, she knew exactly what she was doing. She sounds very petty and if you get in a big fight in the future I could see her going out drinking with her girls and making out with some dude to get back at you, ya digg?Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  4. alcohol makes you do some fucked up shit, but it cant be the scapegoat for her either, she went straight for your best mate. tis a tough one but peprsonally, i would consider dropping that hot potato.
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  5. Kick her to the curb
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  6. Oh damn, too bad it wasn't her best friend. Try your best to write it off for what it was, a drunken mistake
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  7. If I were to drop her, it wouldn't be so much the alcohol or the best friend that made me do it necessarily, but just the spite. Spiteful people make it hard to fight fair or constructively, which is important in any relationship.
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  8. drop her like a hot brick
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  9. banger leaver
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  10. She's just a kid, it was just a spontaneous act while drunk. Laugh it off and let it go, it's not a big deal.
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  11. That one act alone makes me think she won't be "the one". So do what makes you happy for right now. If being with her will cause you undue amounts of stress then leave her (try to do it with respect to teach her a lesson). I think this would eat at most people. 
    Her gut reaction was to kiss one of your best friends when she was angry over a drunken argument. What is someone like that capable of when faced with real life problems? Follow your gut and you'll make out alright. Good luck!
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  12. I would knock out my "best friend".
    not peace
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  13. Throw that bitch away
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  14. Bitches be trippin'

    They all have this inner slut that comes out from time to time.
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  15. seems pretty spiteful. if it were just a drunken mistake id let it go but put her in her place and let her know that can't happen again, especially with your best friend. but it seems like she did it because she was angry, probably trying to get a reaction from you. and did your friend kiss back? can't be mad at just her if homeboy let it happen too.

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    It aint no fuuuun if the homies can't haaave none...haha for real though I would be upset.  Talk to her maybe it was just a drunken blunder but i don't see wedding bells in the future.
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    Or try your best to write it off as what it was: a breach of trust that has shaken the foundation of your security in your relationship. And while being drunk does cloud judgement, we cannot minimize the fallout of those clouded judgements. What you feel matters, and you're right to feel indifferent. Plenty of fish in the sea. If she's doing something as basic as jeopardizing her relationship with you because she can't hold her liquor, you need to seriously give thought to the kind of future you could possibly have with someone who fucks up that easily. If she's capable of doing that when you are around, are you ever truly going to feel comfortable with her out of your sight? And is being in a constant state of uncertainty and doubt what you deserve because it's ethically "high road" to forgive? In my opinion no. Everyone deserves more than that, especially if they have not played the role of antagonist in any way, shape, or form.

    If my best friend and my woman did this to me, they'd be dead to me- especially if there was no formal explanation and I had to live through the nightmare of my girlfriend waking up hungover and unaware of how badly she fucked me. That in itself is like a day in Hell.
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  18. In all honesty when someone died something like that sober, you can work something out eventually. But people that do things like that drunk will always do it again worse and worse. She may have done something like that before already in the past "and doesn't remember." I'd leave her dude. No need to be apart of those games cause they don't end well. When someone's angry and drunk you're not going to express am emotion of love towards the best friend. Good luck bro. Keep us updated. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  19. Ehh.. Id be mad in the moment, but would be cool by the morning. If you really dig this girl I'd give her another chance, and tell her being drunk is no excuse Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  20. Being drunk isn't an excuse for what she did. It clouds judgment, but at the end of the day, she drank too much, she couldn't hold her liquor, and she did something very spiteful. When I'm drunk, I don't get mad at my boyfriend, make out with his friends, and then expect to be able to say "oopsie! I was drunk!" the next day. Doesn't work like that. 
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