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Girlfriend hates the taste of weed

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Ive recently been able to convince my girlfriend to smoke with me occasionally but she absolutely hates the taste of weed. I obviously love to smoke and would love to smoke with her more often.
    I usually try to use my vaporizer (atmos jr) with her because I feel the taste isnt as harsh as it is out of a bowl or paper, but even with that she will only take a puff or two before she decides its gross. I was wondering if anyone has any tips to help improve the taste or mask it at all?

  2. Tell her to grow up lol the only way to get used to the smell it so smoke it

    This is the strangest life I've ever know
  3. Herb in an Atmos Jr does taste pretty bad, IMHO. How does she feel about just smoking from a pipe?
  4. Another reason i use the vape with her is because it doesnt burn her lungs. Since she doesnt smoke often she will cough and say it burns after a hit or 2 from my bowl. I'll admit this is a bit of a conundrum but if i can find a way to make this chick a stoner my life will be complete
    If you have to be with a stoner chick I'm going to suggest moving on. She obviously doesn't like it. If she did, she'd smoke it or vape it or whatever, because all of her complaints are small things that are easily overcome if you really like to smoke. Have you ever read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss? She's telling you she doesn't like weed in a box with a fox. Drop her and find someone else, Sam-I-Am.
  6. all the more smoke for you
    try flavored papers
  7. i would get a good vape for wax. honestly i vape with my pops who is 93 and the concentrates i have tried with him work the best. he hates the harsh funky taste of flower. to much flavor he says lol! i bust out my pen vape and throw down with a couple dabs of shatter and we are good to go.
    another good thing is that he doesn't like to be sooo fucked up that he cant control himself. so with the pen vape he can do just as small a hit as he wants. because it is concentrated it doesn't take much anyway so there is less to taste. i didn't realize that for people with little or no tolerance and with todays medicine being far more potent then it ever was it is just to much to handle for the uninitiated. giver her time to come around. they all do eventually.
    after a bit she will come around to the dark side muahahahahahaaha  [​IMG]
  8. Try ice in a water bong.
  9. give her Snappers. Just enough for a hit so its a full green hit...Or get a new pipe and just clean it after every use, sounds annoying.
  10. Edibles.
  11. Joints and blunts only for her. Use flavored juicy jays or swisher sweets

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    Fuck it...Ninja Dab her and be like HOWS THAT TASTE! 

    I just did this to my gfs aunt...Shes naturally loud and it drives me nuts so when she ask for a hit or a bowl...I give her a small dab...But this time oh boy this time i was doing some Peanut butter and Jelly....Knocked her out she missed the game she was sapposed to watch, didnt wake up tell 9am next morning. Rofl
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    we are both 21
  14. VaporBong.    A legit vaporizer and a nice high diffusion bong should do the trick. Or at least help a lot.
  15. Vapor bong or edibles are you best bet I think.
  16. Like everyone says Edibles (cause you can make WHATEVA you want) and try to give her a dab if you can get some oil, because dat shit tastes like CANDY, for reals, fruity almost.
  17. lol does she not like the taste of the bud or the hot smoke? I honestly rarely can taste my weed, but anyone can feel the effects of a hot dry pipe hit...maybe have her try a bong, bongs are best for newer smokes cause 1 hit will be perfect/cooler smoke
    At 21 you are not going to change her mind.

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