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Girlfriend greened out?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CallMeWigga, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. We blazed out of my bong today.
    And it was her first time smoking out of a bong, so i packed some snaps for the two of us. She was getting reaallly high, after 4 snaps she was like "I don't feel good I need to go to the bathroom" so she goes, and ends up puking for an hour -.- I had to take care of her and shit, I was hardly able to enjoy my high but w/e
  2. i thnk it ws laced weed!!! u shuld take her to a doctor!!!!!!!!!

    Nah you're right, it just sounds like she greened out. She doesn't smoke that much, does she?
  3. Nah haha today was the first time in like almost a month
  4. Most definitely greened out, that sucks. It's shit like that that makes people who don't smoke much not want to keep smoking anymore and it ruins it for them:( It's happened to a couple people I know as well.
    No that shit sucks.
    Happened to my dealer once when he hit my bong.

    Never happened to me so I douchebaggily take pleasure in seeing it happen to others.
  6. get a new bitch.....she cant handle her weed, which means she cant deepthroat bc she has gagging reflexing.
  7. When I first started, I puked a few times, even blacked out for like 20 mins at a mall.
  8. That's the stupidest thing I've read today.

  9. Agreed.

  10. what was the point of the original post again?

  11. To start a conversation about my girl greening out? IDK. I felt like I should post this:smoke:
  12. The only thing 'wrong' with her is her high intolerance for weed. She's not used to the lifestyle or the high itself, and the route of ingestion (smoking out of a bong) can seem intimidating. It also is physically altering with such degrees of intolerance when they puke, get very dizzy, sick etc. Her body is unaccustomed to the substance and its chemical properties.
  13. Nothing to do with sucking dick.
  14. I threw up the first couple of times (not for an hour...) lol but I did. Probably like the first 4ish times, then I was good.

    oh, and I am told that my oral giving skills are well above average ;), so I don't know what the fuck that's about.
  15. Next time you smoke with her (if she will ever again) just roll her a nice joint. Let her get a tolerance.
  16. My homie greened out when he split half a .75g medical brownie with my other friend. We had to ride a bus and right when he got off he walked behind a sign and puked lol
  17. Green out, blue roadsssss.
  18. [quote name='"Vicious"']

    Nothing to do with sucking dick.[/quote]

    Assumptions man and jeeze relax I'm just playing with my dingy
  19. yeah get her used to joints first then get the bong out
  20. hahah man i remember once my girlfriend bugged out hardcore back in the day, when we were teenagers, and she first started getting high all the time. she was like losing balance, on the verge of fainting, and i had to bring her over to a set of stairs and calm her down because she was freaking out hardcore. she almost fell over in front of my all my friends too it was kinda embarassing. but im a nice guy and it felt good to help her out. i know how that felt. i had a really bad experience with a panic attack my fifth time smoking and almost passed out

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