girlfriend cheated

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  1. basically. me n the gf got uber high n ended up fuckin. well then i woke up in the morning n kissed her n took a shower. she had to go to work so i was leavin n i had got all my stuff n on the wait out of her room i lifted the lid to her trashcan to throwaway a gum wrapper, n there was a used condom that wasnt mine in there. but i was high so i didnt get too upset, n i just left the house n her.
  2. Man honestly... I wouldnt let that shit go lol... Id be kinda pissed... Woulda woke that bitch up and beat whosever it was ass...
  3. Should cooked her breakfast and threw the used condom in the omelet,

    "oh. . . I wonder how that got in there!"
  4. hella funny. lol
  5. LOL. Thats fucked up. But I like it :)
  6. when she comes home from work one day, just be fuckin a bitch on your couch and go "oh, how was your day?" and smile like nothings wrong. and when she looks at you like OMFG I CANT BELIEVE YOU, just be like "yea like that condom i found in the trash the other day. you better be packed and moved out by the time i bust this nut or ill have 'her' kick your ass." :D
  7. LMAO! Now thats funny *****.
  8. haha. good shit i might jus do that. i should prolly fuck her roomate too.
  9. DO IT!! fuck as many of her friends/close people as you can. it will be totally worth it :D payback is a bitch, and the bitch is on her period /krayzie bone
  10. Wow, cali ounces is fuckin beast with help. Im gonna ask him for info from now on.

    you should buttercup her as cali ounces once said
  11. hell ya man fuck her roomate
  12. Wait roommate....It might have been her roommates.....I know your probably gonna say well it was in her room. Well maybe her roomie was cheating or was embarressed or her fucker just didnt know what to do with it.
  13. yeah dude i would not have let it go so easy either.
    i would've given her so much crap bout it.
  14. If she lives with rommies then why are you so quick to accuse her?
    There is a possibility its not hers, dont jump the gun and assume the worst quite yet. Confront her about the condom in the trash. Ask her roomy about it too.
  15. Don't jump to conclusions.

    I would think that if a guy had been using the condom, he would have flushed it down the toilet. Her, or her roommate, could have been using the condom on a vibrator or dildo.
  16. Problem with asking the girl if its her roommates is then in the case that its not, shes off the hook easier than a fish without a face!
  17. That's right... The only girl for me is Mary Jane:smoking: She never cheats on me, doesn't back talk me, and I don't have to listen to her about her feelings when I don't want to.:D That's shitty that she would do that to you though man, hope things get better for you.
  18. so true man. n i didnt let her off the hook. im jus a stubborn dude n i walked out n didnt come back.
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    FINALLY SOMEONE WHO Agrees with me.
    Fuck all that bitches friends..
    the dude that she cheated with, fuck his Girl..

    Personally, I hate cheaters with a passion. Having once been that dude that cheated alot.
    KARMA WAS A BITCH.. Fell in love with a bitch and got played...Never knew an emotional wound hurts longer then any physical one. til then.
  20. are you sure you weren't just too high to remember whether you used a condom or not

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