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  1. :( I just got done hanging out with my girlfriend of 2 years. Long story short, we had some issues in the past, but we got over them. Over the past few weeks she's been overly protective of her cell phone when I'm with her, and she constantly deletes her texts. Which is something she has never done. I saw her phone today and she got a text from a "Jordan" and when I went to open it, she flipped shit and left. She wouldn't give her phone up at all. I know I'm not just being paranoid. Something's up and as of now, she's avoiding the situation and trying to turn the whole thing around on me. What the hell am I to do? :confused:
  2. Ask her wtf is up instead of asking the internet. Its a much better way to find out whats going on.
  3. why do you have her phone in the first place?
  4. Yeah, kinda hard to do when she left my house, turned off her phone, and unplugged her house phone.

  5. She was at my house. Shoulda been clearer. Sorry.
  6. Def flirting with a dude, I'd start checking her facebook status to make sure it doesn't say "single".
  7. Yea, she's banging this "jordan" dude, sorry bro.

  8. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I really hoped that wasn't the case. Still says in a relationship with me.

    Should I break it off? Haha, your call GC. :p

    Jk, I'll figure things out. I need to consult my good friend, The Magic Flight Launch Box first.
  9. What's those 'issues' you had in the past? Cause sounds to me like you messed up and you're scared the same thing might be done to you. Just seems that way. I might be wrong.
  10. Yes, break it off right now. DO IT. and then post facebook proof of your single status (no homo, it's just needed).
  11. what you think is going on is exactly what is going on

    there is a GOOD chance she is fucking / making out hardcore with next dudes

    there is a 100% chance (take my word) she is flirting and interested in next guys.

    there should be no reason at all for her to not let you see and go through her messages.

    i feel bad for you too dude, that shes playing you off like that.
    tell her you already know and its done.

    bitches will be hoes
  12. Well I know that when I didn't want my then-boyfriend near my phone it was because I was seeing other guys. If she isn't normally private about her phone, why would it matter now if you looked at it?
  13. Thanks GC, she called me crying. Wish me luck. I'll post updates. +rep for everyone. Thanks for all the help. :(
  14. She's such a whore dude she's settling for you guy. Seems like you caught up in the past as well thinking you'rte doomed to make the same mistakes again. The only advice I can give you is retain dignity, honor and respect.....especially for yourself
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    Let it burn dude...Just let it go...It ain't worth it in the long haul if she's going to be dishonest...Honesty and Trust are VITAL to any relationship...If you can't trust her and don't think she's being honest..its time to change things up...or you could go this route

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    its up to you homie..good luck
  16. sounds like shes gettin some dick on the side.... sorry bud i could be wrong but thats what it sounds like to me
  17. 1. you should never make it your business to go through anyone else's phone but your own.
    2. ask her about Jordan. Is Jordan a guy or a girl? If it's a dude, you have right to be suspicious.
  18. I am in 2 minds to this.

    The first is that yeah, there's going to be a reason she's being like that and it is quite likely that she's got something to hide.

    The second one (less likely but still possible) is that she might just object to you going through her phone. You can argue "it's cool if she's got nothing to hide, she shouldn't have a problem with it" but I personally am not the cheating type etc but would go mental if my OH wanted to check up on me like that and I just wouldn't let him.

    Tell her your concerns. You'll know immediately by her reaction.

    Good luck.
  19. Your right...but with what the OP said on top of her reaction the only thing you can really assume is that she's being a bad wittle kitten...

    I hope all works out..but if not BURN THE EVIDENCE :p...jk jk jk
  20. Skank needs a curb kick

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