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  1. As pathetic as this might sound I'm 20 years old and have never had a girlfriend. I had my priorities fucked up in highschool and would just love some general advice and how to approach this. Don't get me wrong I'm not a loner, have friends and have hooked up with girls before, but recently there has been some opportunities that have passed me by simply because I haven't capitalized. Generally im a nice guy which could be part of the problem and translated to being a push over. Mainly I've been working on my self, hobby wise, working out, dressing better, etc and have made a lot of progress since highschool but not quite there mainly due to the lack of experience. Any suggestions would be great and I realize I just might have to put my self out there, fail, move on, and grow from it.
  2. I'm no expert, but I think you just figured it out yourself home boy
  3. Leave yourself alone, leave your penis alone, then hunt them out, you will have energies to copulate then ...!
  4. Isnt it healthy to a couple times a week? Also to help you not bust in 2 minutes when I do get laid haha
  5. hmm you kinda sound like me
  6. This is me. Your last line makes the most sense. Im going to follow that.
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    Can't succeed if you don't fail a couple times. I think you already know what to do, you just wanted some validation.
    Best of luck my friend  :smoke:
  8. Honestly, just don't plan to have a girlfriend. In the sense that you don't go out seeking a girlfriend, rather get to know some people and whatever happens, happens.
    It's how it always ended up for me.
  9. Good. These hoes are fucked up nowadays

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  10. what am i telling you? because,my gf has left me.
  11. A MAN WITH NO PLAN ....has no plan, no objective nothing but a common opportunist, like a seagull on an ocean wave, but all seagulls drown, so have a plan, or keep jerking for year in year out 
  12. What are u talking about...
  13. I'm a 21 year old virgin who has never had a girlfriend either...Get owned lol
  14. Neither of us are winning lmao
  15. Yeah Im not really in a rush, might as well have some fun while in college and if I run into the right girl it will just work itself out
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    I'm just like you, but a bit younger. Ooo, go a month without masturbating and you'll see you'll be talking to girls. You're gonna be chasing ass! At least It worked for me. Didn't touch my willy, didn't watch any type of porn, and for some odd reason I was a bit more confident and girls were more into me. Also been running too. I think girls know who masturbates a lot.
  17. Women dont want some dude who wants them, women want a dude who is going to enjoy his life with or without them, pretty much that simple. 
  18. dont worry bud, i wish i hadnt given up my virginity to a slut that fucked like 15 dudes before me and i found out about it after we had months of sex lol
    when i was 18, my 12 year old sister was mockin me in front of my friends about how she lost hers before me hahaha but idc
  19. @[member="m18"] dont stress that! you have so much ahead of you every stupid ass girl will ruin it . trust me i'm a girl WHO is straight. & has only 4 relationships ever and i'm about to be 21. You don't need it. The drama , the stupid fights, periods, doubts, you'll spend every penny on her before you know it. finish or start school, get a great ass job, and thennnn you can possibly think of a girlfriend.i know the long periods of time with no sex will kill but don't look for a girlfriend...​
    look for a ​
    girl, loves your company, & will be there for you even when shes not in a relationship with you.​
    not a friends with benefits. like... a companion without a title that is your girl that's a friend.​
  20. Did u say your little sister was bragging about losing her virginity before she was 12?

    Just curious.

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