Girl with hairy asshole?

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  1. You preach it sister.
    As a 'natural' woman, I too know from much experience that body hair really doesn't affect most mens thinking when it comes to how attractive someone is.
  2. ok....joke time....
    You ever seen a asshole wrapped in plastic?
  3. A cop in a raincoat?
  4. Look at your drivers license
    Exactly, and really talking about licking booty hole, but hair is your issue. Thought contradiction.
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    The idea of hairless being sexually appealing is a social construction, probably based in pedophilia. Which is not as obscure as you think, the notion is used all the time in porn, when 18+ are made to look below the age of majority and its passed off as a subcategory of porn. Also in advertising, but a lot of questionable and perverted things are within advertising, you just dont realize it or know.
  7. Next time you do doggy put some veet in the bush and rub it in lol.
  8. Sorry, every girl has hair inside there. And if you say no, you're prob lying. So what she has done hair? She poison didn't think you were onto licking asses. ;p. It's Mattel. Ask her to shave it and don't make a big deal out of it. I can bet you're not 100% perfect.>_>

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  9. 5 star thrad!!!!
  10. not going too lie i gotten some hair in my mouth...i just spit it back out onto the pussy..cause when u down there and u stop for too long searching for the hair in your mouth with your fingers she's gonna ask whats wrong u dont want too say u got hair in you're mouth cause she will feel akward..
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    Hair doesnt bother me at all. Makes a woman look more mature which i prefer.

    Completely shaven is not my cup of tea but im not a person who grew up thinkin porn was the norm.

    Never had a girl with a a beard on her ass tbh, but those that did have some wasnt nothin.

    I disagree. Communication during sex makes it better. Too many people dont communicate during sex and it really makes both sexes miss out. Love vocal chicks who tell you what they like. If i get a hair in my mouth i just stop for a min, say i got a hair, then keep goin. No big deal.
  12. Not my preferred cup of tea
  13. Shallow
    really, it's just hair.  Be happy you're getting laid.
  14. marry me
  15. lol at you trimming your ass hair - one by one over the past 7 years, my friends who manscape have just come out as bi, lol
    maybe you should offer to shave her ass for her
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    Maybe she had a troll doll up her ass and couldn't get all the hair in.

    I don't think it gas anything to do with pedophilia or perversion to want to shave/want others to shave. Most people just prefer the clean, smooth feel and less odor getting caught in the hair. Plus the added friction can be quite stimulating.
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    how much hair a man or woman has on their asshole has to do with genetics.  i believe every woman should have theirs wax or shaven though. not that i shave my asshole, but women should be hairless,they dont grow hair on their face.

    ive had sex with a girl doggy style and saw a bit of hair down their once. never called her again..its 2014 not the 50s

    call me immature, i just prefer a clean pussy i can fuck and eat out without feeling any hair that is dangling from her asshole.
  18. yeah like u said u got you're own cup
  19. Girls in the 70s Playboy's are super attractive to me. More so than the shaved girls today imo. But when it comes to your ass if it looks like the fucking greenbelt I'm not tryna be bear grylls...

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