Girl with hairy asshole?

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  1. Have you ever been having sex with a girl, and shes completely shaven.  You decide to go down on her and maybe tongue punch her fart box (only if they are showered) and she has a hairy asshole.  I'm fine with girls not shaving, and even hairy armpits don't turn me off, just a hairy asshole turned me off so much.  It looked like young Gandolfs beard.  So hairy it could create a hammock to catch the poo before it falls in the toilet.  If I were to put her into doggystyle postion, it looks like a goats tail.  Sorta like a troll dolls hair.
    Now here's the thing, my asshole is also very hairy as fuck, and I maybe trim my ass hairs every couple months but it's still hairy.  Does this make me hypocritical?
    Here's a question for girl blades, do your asses get hairy if you don't shave?

  3. Lmao!!! No.. but I don't get really hairy anywhere on my body anyway so I may be the wrong candidate for this question.
  4. LOL.
    This reminds me of the first girl I slept with in college.  You know back in HS it was in a car or if you got lucky in a bed with was with the lights out.  My freshman year I somehow started to date a sophomore who was definitely more experienced.  And it was also the first time I realized that girls wanted it too.  So we did it whenever and wherever we could.
    One time this meant in the afternoon in her dorm room where the blinds provided privacy but not light blocking.  After we finished she was laying on her stomach and I looked down at her butt and it was like she had another whole bush back there (this was the early 80's and girls were not shaving).  It was really kind of freaked out about it at first, but got over it fairly quickly. :)
  5. this is my worst nightmare man and i have given it considerable thought. dont think i could stomach it and continue if i saw that brown musky mess winking at me unless i was reaaaaaaaaall shitfaced 
  6. Hairyassholeonfire.
  7. its just body hair man... pretty shallow to see that as a issue...
    ya know humans grow body hair ...just sayin
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    hmmmmmmm hairy asshole. i gotta think about that 
    but when it looks like a troll dolls hair? eww lol
  10. Girls are hairy just like us. I wouldn't wax my stank hole and wouldn't blame them if they didn't either. I say push it off to the side and get down on what you set out to do!

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  11. Girls shouldn't have hair below their eyebrows.  But if they wanna that's cool too, but it's unattractive to us males.
  12. Smart person here.
  13. It is not unattractive to all or even most males.
    It is a natural thing and there are a ton of people(not just men) that are attracted to that.
  14. Fine it's not attractive to me.  All girls should have no hair down there because I find it unattractive.  That seems reasonable to me, get shaving ladies.
  15. A lil hair is ok, can't always get it all. If you don't like it, offer to shave it for her.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  16. "babe, can I shave your butthole tonight?"
  17. I'd just like to say that I love you and you make me lol so much
    Also, yes, my asshole gets hairy, but it's difficult to shave cause I have a big ass so usually I just let it be. One time I got a brazilian though... They wax that shit.
  18. Every girl I've been with has been pretty much hairless down there. Then again I don't think there's any biological reason for men to have hair down there and not women...but i've never seen it. Shaving your asshole must be tough 
  19. I want to get a brazilian but I am scared shitless. Honestly how bad does it hurt????
  20. It wasn't that bad, not as bad as you'd think. I think the heat of the wax hurt more than the actual waxing.

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