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  1. Alright, so there's this girl that I like and I'm very sure she likes me, but shes got a boyfriend. I'm sure she likes me because shes done the usual things girls do when they like you (always smiling, blushes when I call her cute, touches hair, etc). But the problem is, she has a boyfriend. Now I don't want to be a girlfriend stealer, but what would you guys do in this situation?
  2. idk thats tough man. on one hand i would say go for it, but on the other hand i would say if she starts messin around w u, that says shes not necessarily trustworthy and that doesnt make for a good girlfriend. :confused:
  3. I'd wait for her to make a move. If she shows interest make sure you show interest back.
  4. There's nothing you can really do here, man, nothing I can think of at least.
    If you don't want to "steal" some dude's girlfriend, what can you do?
    We need more information - what makes you very sure she likes you, besides the things you mentioned? Maybe she's like that around everybody.

    9 times out of 10 she's doing it for attention and would freak out on you if you made a move.
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    Yeah man, i was actually thinking about this too, but nothing untrustworthy has happened yet.

    Well when I call her cute and she blushes and puts her down, I put my arms out and she's gives me a hug. We talk non-stop and she's said "I'm always happy when I'm around you". :)

    Being in this position sucks
  6. I really think you need to forget about this girl as she is unintentionally using you.

    Look at it this way: who is getting what they want out of the status quo?

    At present she is getting something from her boyfriend (not just sex either, there's got to be a reason she's with him) AND she is getting attention from you. She's having her needs met by not one but two guys.

    You, on the other hand are at present having your needs met by zero girls.

    I'm not saying she designed it this way, it could be entirely unintentional/subconscious on her part, but nonetheless she is getting everything she needs at the moment and you are not getting what you need. This is why I say she is "using" you. It may not be on purpose but it is happening.

    Now we get to the terrible part: if this is the sort of person she is, looking to others to meet whatever needs her boyfriend is not, then you need to expect that sort of behavior if you are in a relationship with her. Instead of communicating issues to you, she will simply find some other guy to hang out with and tell her she's cute while still continuing to tell you that she is your girlfriend.

    Get out of this situation and find someone who will meet your needs, rather than only theirs.
  7. ^ Exactly.

    She just sounds like a good, close friend. Hugging you and talking to you alot and being happy around you are all friendly, non-sexual interactions. I have friends of both genders that I hug on occasions, talk to a lot, and generally feel happy around, but I have no interest in them in a sexual way.

    I feel for you man, but it's best for you to find a girl who doesn't already have a man that can make you feel this way. It's a lame situation to be in, but your needs simply aren't being met here. She is fufilled and you are not. If you really, really, RE-EEEEEE-ALLY like her, you might want to openly, obviously, flirt with her and see what reactions you get. 99 times out of 100, though, it's not going to go your way. At least not right now.
  8. send her flowers but without the "from:" part filled out....

    wait to see what happens
  9. Those are my thoughts exactly.
  10. like someone posted if u dont want to be a girlfriend stealer then theres nothing u can do
    just look for another chic until she breaks up with her boyfriend
  11. Yeah, i agree, you tag her and start dating her until the next guy like you comes along and tags her right back. Look for other gals.
  12. yeah, I guess I'll try and find some other girls, thanks for the advice though guys. :)
  13. Generally, I just completely ignore the fact that she has a boy friend, unless the guy is friends with me. I'm not the one to care.
  14. I would try and hook up with her... It's not your problem unless like idlehands says "her bf is one of your friends."
  15. Kill the boyfriend, it's the only way.

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  16. You just play the role of the venus fly trap. Make no offensive whatsoever, just wait until she comes to you and BAM. You got it. Make her believe that she is seducing you, when in reality you are in control of the situation like a puppeteer with strings.

    Keep making compliments like that. By doing that you let her know that you are clearly interested in her in more than just a friendship kinda way, but at the same time, treat her like a friend by not making any obvious moves. Remember, the best kind of compliments are the ones that compliment her character. An example, "I don't get why he always isolates himself from you. To me, you just have a way of making anyone feel comfortable being themselves around you."

    Hang out with her like you would a friend while still letting her know that you are interested in some way with the compliments. If she begins to see that you have far more to offer than her current boyfriend, she will call you more, want to hang out with you more, think about you instead of him when she goes to bed. Keep doing what you are doing until one day, she just won't be able to resist you, and she'll fall into your lap just as a fly falls into a venus fly trap. But remember, DO NOT GO FOR THE OFFENSIVE. Seducing a girl with a boyfriend does not call for that situation at all.

  17. This is excellent advice as well. Do not focus all your energy on just this one chick, because it is not guaranteed that you will achieve your goal. Not all flys will be fooled by the alluring odor of the venus fly trap. Embrace that truth, and keep your horizons open for any potential prey.
  18. If you really want her, spit game act yourself be CONFIDENT*cant stress that enough* and ask her to blaze with you take her out somewhere and be a gentleman don't make any moves let her, if she doesn't give you what your looking for move on cuz she aint want u
  19. This is the truth right here. Definitely take heed to what this man says.

    If you're actually tryin to have a relationship with this chick you're dumb as fuck. If she is willing to cheat (or act this way in general) with you, then she'll cheat on you.

    However, if you're just tryin to get some pussy, go for it as long as the guy isn't a friend of yours.
  20. Pro tip, if u can steal her away then some other guy can come and do it to her when you are with her. Is that the type of girl you want to be with?

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