Girl wants to drink alone with me, need advice

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  1. Hey blades, how's it going? I recently broke up with my g/f of 6 months, and it seems like all of these women have been coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden (knock on wood), which is kinda nice. I ran into this one chick today who is a friend of a friend, but we've hung out before with other people. She seems like a real flirty type, so I don't feel (super) special getting attention from her, but she is drop-dead gorgeous, 9.5/10, and after seeing her this one time in so long, she asks me if I wanna drink with her. We decided on just drinking at my place, but I just don't know what to expect. I mean, 2 people of the opposite sex who are attracted to each other and are going to be drinking a bottle of liquor can only mean one thing, yes? I'm just a little intimidated by this... I think it's because she's so hot and forward about everything, but we're drinking, so it should be no big deal, ya? Any advice/suggestions? What should we do while drinking?
  2. Obvious play is obvious play. Your doubt will be the only thing that will ruin this date. Get drunk, have a good time and get laid its really that simple. :p
  3. Drink with her for a lil so you both get buzzed and relaxed and put on a movie/drink more, if she really is trying to get some, which seems likely, she will let you know.
  4. Hot girl wants to drink with you alone????????

    PLEASE tell us you KNOW what to do:rolleyes::smoke:

    Play neckked Twister :p
  5. Haha our replies are getting him laid. Nice
  6. ahaha I know what to do for the most part guys, I just suck at making that first move because I always feel awkward (I know, lame), but I have a feeling I won't have that problem since, A) She is quite forward, as stated previously, and B) We are drinking a bunch ;)

    Thanks for the confidence-boost, blades.
  7. Don't worry, I'll be sure to give you guys an update Friday morning. If things go well, I'm trying to get her to stay over and get some morning sex. ;)
  8. Make sure you're not drunker than her.

    Once the bottle is 3/4 empty. Make a penis joke. No matter how she responds to it, 5 minutes later, pull out your penis and say something crazy. If she acts appalled, call her a tease and stick it back in your pants. If she doesn't go for it, then she is a tease, if she does, that means you've got her where you want her.
  9. Make sure you finish in her ear. Girls love that.

  10. This is absolutely true. I totally forgot to mention it.
  11. p in the v
  12. Three Easy Steps: Drink, Bang, Fuck yeah..
  13. Duly noted.

    Not really. :smoke:
  14. I'd put on a movie thats bound to get u both horny, to make ur first move I suggest buying some poprocks and say hey have you ever made out while eating poprocks?
  15. 1. Dont get whisky dick
    2. don't start turning things sexual till either she does or you know youre both tipsy
    3. play strip poker or or dirty ring of fire (or what Dopeman said) [good idea btw]
    4. use protection
  16. What are we, 5th graders? :p
  17. Gee I dunno man, you better call the police.
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    Just go with the flow man.
    If you try to plan things and/or prepare and anticipate for things, you'll fuck up.

    Its as easy as being yourself.... and being tipsy like a mofo with this girly =)
    I bet ya'll gon have a good time, if you'll remember it :hello:

    edit: Im gonna think of a game u guys can play while drinking, and go search some fun drinking games on google.
    I would prefer to not talk too much with a girl like this, because 1. you gonna get drunk, 2. a convo is boring and is relationship material.
    Just have fun man, and show her that u like hanging with her.
    Its just a human being, dont be intimidated.
  19. I really want poprocks now.

    Let us know what happens :D

    p.s. buy poprocks
  20. Um let me see what I have in stock. My infinite ninja wisdom tells me you should relax. 9.5 ain't bad for a sex scenario, I say sex scenario because well--anytime i'm invited to a one on one wit a girl...taijutsu is bound to pop. FYI in one on ones with paraphernalia such as alcohol and drugs alike, i'm undefeated of the east!

    Anyhow, just take it easy. At best, you're gonna be on edge like when she gets there and the scenario becomes a situation and trust me, if you took the time to post this then when she gets there you're heart is gonna jump like crazy. Best thing to do is to take your mind off of it. Not to be smashed before she gets there but imagine her as one of the boys and y'all just hangin to drink. Now, I say that cause the mind is a pretty amazing thing when you give it the room to do whatever.

    Now wrapping this up... I wanna say this to you. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO NOT, I MEAN DO NOT, ANTICIPATE HER HAVING SEX WITH YOU!

    If she gets there and sees you want sex off the bat, you gone fail and she gone roll...ether that or dicktease you till the last moment and then bounce cause you got too happy. So be cool, relax and just sip slower than her--don't try to beast it out, between the two of you one of you should be a little more drunk than the other--i believe i don't have to tell you which one you should be.

    And if what i've given you doesn't stick with you...mmm just sit in silence and when the silence and the tension from the situation becomes too much, just ask her in a relaxed and calm voice "How bout it then?" She should give in to that.


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