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  1. Sooo I need some help. I started talking to this girl about 6 months ago. She was having trouble with her current boyfriend at the time and she started opening up to me and telling me every thing that was going on and I was there for her through it all. She told me that she's never felt so comfortable opening up to someone before and so quickly, cause this was only like a month after we started talking. Every time after that, whenever she had a problem I would be like the first one she would run to. She eventually broke it off with that guy because he cheated on her, but then she went back then something else happend and she left again and said that it was the last time. So then a couple months after that probably around may of this year we started getting pretty serious, like she would call me every single time she got the chance and we would talk on the phone for hours and we were hanging out all the time. She even snuck out a few times and took her parents car to come and see me. She told me that she wanted to be with me but not right now because she was t ready for a relationship, but she still fooled around a bit with me and we even made plans to smash right when school got out, but it never happend. She started acting different a couple weeeks after summer started and she stopped calling me as much and just seemed like she wasn't interested in me that much anymore. It got to the point that she stopped calling me all together and stopped inviting me places and shit like that. So eventually I asked her what was up and she said that she didnt have feelings for me anymore line that and that and ahe dosnt know why. she just sees me as her "best friend" but in the perfect guy and whoever ends up with me is a lucky girl -__- I think she is totally giving me bs and idk what the fuck happend. Was it my fault? Or are women just psycho? And what should I do?
    Ohh. And I found out like last week that she's talking to her ex again... This guy threatens to kill her and her family last tine they broke up and told her he never wanted to see her face again and just thinking of her makes him wanna puke.
  2. Wall of text lol.
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    Funny pic. Haha. But I need some help
  4. tl;dr

    tap dat?
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  6. yeh i saw it and i needed to post it somewhere haha so your thread was the lucky winner.
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  8. obviously shes still got feelings for her ex...whether that makes sense or not is pretty irrelevant. I feel your pain man. The question you gotta ask yourself is whether youve got feelings for her and how strong they are. The way I see it youve got 3 options

    1. try to get her back
    2. do nothing
    3. explain how you feel/give ultimatum (your not her personal assistant)
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    I have told her exactly how I feel like 3 times. And all she says that she feels bad that I hav to go through this now. But iv promised her that I sold always be there for her so I can't really just walk out on her. Im not like that. ya know? I just don't understand why she would want to go back with someone that has hurt her so bad on multiple occasions.
  10. if she knows shes got you wrapped around her finger your gonna get friend zoned...most girls i know are like this, they dont like the idea of somebody being devoted to them because deep down THEY dont think they're worth the devotion and figure that whoever is seriously interested in them must be weaker while the asshole who doesnt settle is stronger....:poke:

    you in HS or college?
  11. Kinda hard to give you advice being that I don't know much but from what I do know I can tell you this...
    1. She's confused as to what she wants
    2. She needs some space. What better way to make someone want you by making them miss you. Don't go too far, just cut down the txt messages and phone calls.
    3. Let her know you'll be by her side when she needs. Make sure you let her know that you feel more towards her then simply friendship.
    And lastly...
    4. Keep an eye on this pyscho ex boyfriend. Sorry but she's an idiot talking to someone thats threatened not only herself but her family. Love truly is deaf, blind and mute sometimes...
    Hope this helps!
    Oh and don't stress over this... What's meant to be, will be.
  12. I'm a senior in HS
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    Iv actually been doing all of that. But when I stopped texting her every day she got pissed at me.
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    Senior in HS
  15. dreamachieve has some good advice
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    Iv been doing all that already tho. And she's getting mad at me when I'm not texting her all day. Every day.
  17. You saying she got mad at the shortage of communication is proving my point, she doesn't know what she wants. I would cut down communication...
    Take it from a girl, we can be fucked up lol.
  18. my friend got into mad shit like that with girls that had "boyfriend problems" and he was always home alone on facebook at the end of the night and the girl was no doubt bonin her ex and it was an absurd cycle that probably left him with ALOT of blue balls. just move on man..theres mad girls out there and some of them (along with mad bros) just havent passed a certain point of maturation :devious:
  19. Fuck bitches get money
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    Thankss. Lol

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