Girl Talk

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  1. I cannot even explain how good this guy is. Get his album 'Night Ripper'. Don't even listen to it first. Just get it!

    Basically the entire album (with a few exceptions) is made up of samples from other songs. It's not like your ordinary mash-up though, where just two or three songs are combined (e.g. The Grey Album). There's pretty much a new song every 10 seconds that just flows into the last one..sometimes there's three or four playing at the same time... and the coolest part is that you recognize most of them.

    The juxtapositions are brilliant. Ever wonder what 50 Cent would sound like over the Pixies? Or Ciara and Sonic Youth?

    Listening to this album high is the most incredible experience ever. So many songs are layered over each other, but they all blend perfectly. Even sober you hear something new every time, but this happens even more when you're high.

    Best moment: "Juicy" by Biggie, "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John and "Passing Me By" by the Pharcyde all mashed up. When Biggie starts rapping "It was all a dream..." over the piano from "Tiny Dancer"... I swear to god it's the best thing I've ever heard.
  2. Yeah I got that cd in May and was probably one of the best additions to my music library, total party cd, everyone loves it.
  3. So. Fucking. Good.

    It's practically all I've been listening to lately.

    I got one of his older CD's, 'Secret Diary' and it's a lot noisier, less dance-y. I'm pretty into experimental music, but this one just isn't too great. I haven't listened to it high yet. Maybe that's what I'm missing.
  4. love girltalk that guy knows how to make some sick music
  5. Girl Talk is sick, the dude played at my school on 420. Night Ripper is definitely my favorite cd of his....great for parties.
  6. Heh, he is my cousin...glad he's making a name for himself.
  7. this dude is so fucking fun. he's always making new shit live.

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