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Discussion in 'General' started by cushy, May 28, 2006.

  1. ok, let me start this out by saying every first time a girl comes over my house well usually hang out put a movie on and at least make out if not hook up...thats the way its been with the past couple of girls ive had over...

    so tonite this girl calls me and wants to hang out so she comes over...i went in for a kiss and was denied...but we still talked alot and i think she still likes shes super hot..i dont know how to go about this..ive never really been denied before and it was so awkward...anyone have tips about getting a more prude girl to give it up...just spend more time together? I think she just doesnt want the label of fucking on a first date or just super pissed right now

    plus my parents found out about my drinking/smoking for the first time this im in trouble for that and was happy to just have this girl over...but no ass for me..:mad:
  2. if you having girl problems i'll feel bad for you son i got 99 problems but a bitch aint one...:smoking:
  3. If your goal is jus to fuck her i wont help you...
  4. haha exactly what i was thinking when i saw the title:D
  5. dude what a fucking coincidence, i just went to the movies with a gurl and i got denired on the kiss for the first time,

    dont trip, they key is spending more time together , just gotta break it in.

    it feels ten teims better to know yhou worked for trhat pussy
  6. dude, if i just fucked a girl on the first date, i probably would have a lot of trouble respecting her. and i probably would be worried about catching something because i would think "if she let me hit this easy, how many other dudes had a turn before me?"
  7. dont try so hard.
  8. any of you ever think the careless ones who catch stds aren't all the blame? could be the social image of worthlessness or the guys who don't care enough to get tested or use protection

    shit is always a two way street
  9. True words man
  10. i actually would too...

    but not giving up a kiss on the first date makes it almost as awkward...I guess Ive just never experienced it before so I dont know how common it is..

    plus it doesnt help that Im an 18 year old horny guy whos moving over 1000 miles away for college in a couple months...Im not looking for a long term relationship if ya know what I mean
  11. I hear ya man, Ive never been denied like that either. I mean seriously who fuckin denies a kiss? Ive had girls kiss me that I really didnt wanna kiss but come on dont be a total asshole and deny someone a kiss. Sex yeah thats fine but a kiss, come on?

    I say fuck it man, move on. Plenty of other fish in the sea that will put out.
  12. it did make me wonder why someone wouldnt even kiss on a first date..but she did call me and wanted to hang I think shell eventually put out

    but this is by far the hottest girl thats ever been intrested in ill invest the time cause it is definately going to be worth it
  13. You could always stick with it and keep tryin, but keep 1 eye open for other girls so if one comes along that does put out while this girl is still being a prude bitch you can get rid of her and go get laid.

    Of course if you have actual feelings for this girl besides wanting to get in her pants, I agree you should be more persistant and hang out with her a few times and see how it goes. Goodluck man

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