Girl posts a vid on facebook...

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  1. wtf!

    She tries to suck it at the end hahaha :confused_2:
  2. Its got deleted btw..... some fucks probs would have reported it
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    what happened in this video? i'm curious!

    edit: oh shit, didn't read properly. the fuck!?
  4. It's gone.
  5. Damn it's already gone.. Was it a chick you knew? And was she hot?
  6. Nope, she looked alright, but her tatts on her arms really turned me off and its worse than her fucking her dog
  7. ya man i just saw that on my news feed on craziest fights so i clicked it... turned out it was some broad getting plowed by a dog.. i was a little confused
  8. Actually that video is old and that woman just wanted to fuck a dog, no dare. My friend showed me that video back in school on a beastiallty website o_O
  9. It's down, anybody got a mirror?

  10. When did grasscity become 4chan?
  11. what a newblade
  12. The vid is of a girl fucking a dog and sucking his dick... shame, she wasn't like extremely hot or cute or anything, but you would defo not say no to that

    I had no idea this vid is old as shit, first time coming across a bestiality vid so my bad guys
  13. It's all good, people just trying to become Facebook famous by posting dumb shit
  14. She likes it ruff
  15. For some reason I enjoy watching hot chicks get banged by dogs. I always think of what it would be like to be the dog haha
  16. What a disturbed cunt.

    I wonder what I could dare her to do.
  17. lol my 15 year old sister just shared this.....did anyone see the one of someone eating a tampon that got posted last
  18. :hide:
  19. let this be a lesson to everyone, if you are already almost banned here (35+ infraction points) posting a link to bestiality will push you over

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