Girl or boy plant?

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  1. A3616FA3-70E1-4DB8-9B45-E6D5395D59FD.jpeg B2CAA3F2-DA78-428D-B34B-3E5AB39E07D2.png is a Girl Scout cookie. And the only one virtually untouched by bugs.... probably not an auto either.
  2. Looks female to me.
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  4. 5A85F4B7-6401-4371-A4EB-1AA3788E6053.jpeg You’ve got pistils so female but what are the little sac looking things?

  5. I use Neem Meal in my soil. Never had Spider Mites or any bugs except Fungus Gnats.
    You might want to try that next time.
  6. I'm still fairly new at this, but it looks like a hermie to me. You have both male and female traits.
  7. Hey JSO, what breeder are those GSC autos from? Mine are from Good Buzz and I've had my hands full with them.
  8. This came from Fast Buds.
  9. Got ya man. Yeah I have just not been impressed with my GSC. Again I think it’s the breeder. I bought them cheap and now I see why!

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