Girl on tinder wants to meet up but I'm too shy ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. she gave me her number and got sad that I didn't text back for a few days.

    Now she wants to watch a movie tonight and I'm worried I'll be awkward when I meet up. How do I avoid this and should I meet up with her ?
  2. Another one of these huh?
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  3. I'd advise to flop your penis out immediately.
    If she doesn't run, she's a keeper
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  4. Get as much out of the way through text that'll make it less talk more quality time ya both know what ya want so it's just takin the dive n doin it man show with a bottle that'll help ease the awkwardness of the whole thing.
  5. Normal to be nervous. If your worried about how youll look dont do something with alot of people around. Netflix and chill or double date to make things less awk

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  6. Shouldn't the phrase be changed to "Kodi and chill" these days?
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  7. If your feeling nervous, then fake it. Ask her common questions. Tell her she has a pretty shirt and ask where she got it. Or her shoes. Get her talking about herself and build off of that
    I hope you got to fuck.
  8. Just show up and go balls deep be a man..
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  9. Not gonna lie .. 2 weeks ago, me and a chick arranged to go on a date, but I cancelled simply because I don't feel good enough to date yet.. (not earning enough, live in a poor neighbourhood, have poor social skills, have had a rough childhood, etc.) lol

    Then again, it's not the end of the world. Look at those poor old god forsaken souls sitting in nursing homes and mental hospitals rocking backwards and forwards who can't even speak. At least we're physically able and reasonably good looking. Okay - we have social problems .. we spent too much time on the internet as kids, and that kinda fucked us up .. but so what? Get out there and do something great for the world. Learn, study .. invent something. Plant trees, give to charity .. feed the homeless. Fucking hell ... .... life doesn't revolve around sex and dating.

    Accept that you have a weakness, but make up for it by working on your strengths.
  10. show her your pee pee to break the ice
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  11. The solution to these kinds of problems is to work on your self esteem and to go in to every situation knowing you're this shit. Either that or stop being a pussy. Being a pussy does not acquire you pussy.
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  12. flip the script pretend youre a woman and pretend shes a guy I think it'll help you out a lot
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  13. He who hesitates, masturbates.
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