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  1. So this girl on facebook poked me, liked my picture, then one of her friends texted me telling me how i should talk to her. then she messaged me on facebook, she clearly wants the D.
    Problem is i havent been in a relation ship in a minute, and i usually talk to girls first
    She said heyy :)
    I want to know how to respond, without sounding boring, desperate or what ever
    oh and ive never talked to this girl before
  2. Idk find stuff out about her invite her somewhere does she smoke if she does offer to smoke her up it's a great ice breaker
  3. she spoke to you first man. ask her to fuck and it's on.

    meh im not the best at this stuff
  4. Hey baby what trouble are you causing tonight?
  5. 'watup bitch u dtf? i'm down tuh lay some pipe on dat azz if u tryna meetup'

  6. Dude be yourself above all, I'd rather be disapointed then put a fake front with the girl, be yourself. That is all
  7. Sounds like she's 12 man..
  8. im the worst with conversations yo
  9. are you afraid of pussy or something?
  10. Try using words with substance. That helps me.

    Just talk to her. She's interested. Be confident, what reason do you have to be insecure?

    None, that's right. Get some.

  11. nah i love pussy
  12. Wow what would you do if a girl said heyy in person :laughing: You'd be fucked man obviously not literally no:D.
  13. All she said was "Hey :)" and you're already asking for advice on what to say?


    Lord have mercy..
  14. Tell her you love her and then send dick pix. Make sure to oil yourself first
  15. Sounds like she wants you so it doesn't matter what you say as long as you don't sound like a freak.

  16. LOLTHIS:hello:
  17. Talk to her casually for like a few minutes, then bring up weed and ask if she smokes. If she says yes, its easy as shit from there. If no, ask her to chill somewhere else
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    she said hey and you are asking for advice. Be bold dude, none is gonna ditch you for what you are. Just say hi and wait for her to say something. Go browse her profile, get to know more about her and keep the conversation on. But hey, I know how sexcited we'll be when girl initiates :) just don't lose your patience, you've to act firm and tough-to-get boy :) so what's the status now?
  19. Touch her dick. you wont.
  20. "when you gon' let me hit dat?"

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