GIRL needs help. part of root cut off from sprout?

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  1. As I was transplanting my 1 inch sproutlings to bigger pots I noticed I had removed the white thick bottom part to one of my sprouts. it has and inch missing. it still has part of its root. But will it survive?
    I gave it plenty of water and good soil.

    The other baby root is still connected to the seed.
    But the ones root i cut off had fully emereged out of the seed thats why that part of the root was longer. white and thicker.
  2. you will have to wait and see
  3. I will update on it's survival like 2 days
  4. i,ll look for your updates
  5. Baby has survived!( left in the orange pot)
    And it's the slightly bigger one! I just hope it survives.
    I have been spraying them with water 2 hrs prior to sunset.

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  6. provide it with a fine misting of bottled mineral water or carbonated/sparkling mineral water this will help it feed and give the root time to recover...
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    this is an example of one i found in my local supermarket for 36p (UK Sterling) so im sure u can find sumthing pretty similar in cali, works a treat as they grow keep up the daily misting to aid with any nutrient deficiency's plus they just love a good misting of carbon filled life juice....enjoy:smoke:

  8. sorry for the poster sized image lol it wouldnt let me attach the image on advanced so i used the IMG code
  9. Right on thanks! I've been spraying it with our tap water I'll go find some carbonated water soon

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