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  1. Well this girl that I went out with a long time ago and we broke up and she went with her ex and now she broke up with him and is all touchy-feely with me when we are in contact just like simple holding my shoulders and leaning on me n stuff and recently put in a verse of this song in her profile on aim , should i see it as a message to get back with her btw i really like her. this JUSt happened i told her i liked the song but she said brb like right before i noticed it. just want ur guys opinions about these girl messages.

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    and she would always puts subliminal messages in her pro if i somehow make her mad sometimes i guess she just doesnt like talking about it?
  2. dude you totally so need to keep being yourself she fallen for you head tio toe but is to shy to sho it outright HIT THAT SHIT MAN!! sorry ladies:D
  3. Dude dont do it, you went out with her before you too broke up then she went with her ex boyfriend broke up with him and is back on you? mhmm sounds like you both are fall back guys, but ehh if your just gonna hit it and quit it id be down theres nothing wrong with a bootey call, but then again you run the risk of attachment from her side and from the sounds of it she may just be one of those people that get attached immediatly especially if her and that guy just broke up... sorry if i offended in anyway it wasnt my intention.

    P.s whats her display name thing anyways? maybe your just reading too much into it for your own gains?
  4. all it says in the profile is

    please don't blame me for trying to fix this one last time... i have a hard time as it is.
  5. just play hard to get for a little bit while you decide, the worst thing you can do is go right back to her
  6. Man i dont know sounds too seductive too me. To indirectly direct like shes trying to obviously get your attention without making it seem like that its hard to explain woman are a totally different species.
  7. like I told you before dawg, if you want to fuck her its all good but dont fall for her bitch ass again. didnt you buy her like a 100$ birthday gift then the next day you guys broke it off? i remember reading all the shit she sent you on myspace after you broke up, shes just not worth it.
  8. i'm not trying to be a dick or anything. But maybe she just likes that song?
  9. yeah I bought it then I broke up with her the next day... wasn't really expecting it but she was treating me like i wasn't her boyfriend, but we kinda still messed around though.. and then eventually got back together. Im just gunna play it slow and see if she tries throwing hints to me..
  10. I say you just straight up pistol whip her. Let her know who's in charge.
  11. She kinda looks like Cat Power.

  12. haha dude the song is so stupid and bad i find it hard to believe anyone could really like it
  13. LMAO. To all that didn't catch on this was a JOKE. Someone neg repped me for that lol.
  14. don't do it man
  15. UPDATE: well I was talkin to her tonight and was like last night u ditched me (I was joking cus she said BRB and never came back) then she said with 1 word per line "don't worry i still love you alot mr. gayt pants that i love :)" she used love twice in the same sentence referring to me... either she's just fucking with my mind or trying to really say somethin... lets see how the rest of the convo goes
  16. well i just found out that it was for some other kid that she liked over the summer so oh well, but he doesnt like her so now she doesnt like him, so she took it off, so i guess i still got a chance
  17. snoop said it best-

    bitches ain't shit
    but ho's and tricks

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