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  1. so im originally from NY, ive been living in florida for college for the past 2 years, and i have about 8 months to go before i graduate with a bacholers and my school goes all year round so my breaks are mad shorter than a normal college..

    so i went home in december for christmas and whatnot, and i wound up having probably the best vacation ever, the first night i was home, i partied with mad people i havent seen in a long time and i hooked up with this girl marquez who i hooked up with before i went to school..then the same night i went upstairs to pass out on the couch and this other girl molle and i slept together, didnt do anything, but just set it up to chill more.

    then 2 days later i meet up with my friends at applebees after they got out of their school concert and when i get there it was just my boy jay sitting at a table, so i sat with him and he said everyone else was outside smoking in the parking lot and theyd be in ina like 5 minutes later they all walk in and theres this one girl who catches my eye and at first she sat on the right side booth, while i was sitting in a chair in the aisle on the left and then my boy pizz walks in with his girl and they wont fit in the booth on the left since 2 kids sat down, so the girl i had my eye on wound up moving over to the left side like right in front of me at the table..

    at first my boy jay was talking to her and keep the conversation going and i was lettting him do his thing and just makin jokes and wingmanning it for a while

    so it was 2 days before christmas and jay was like 'ah i need to go shopping tomorrow' and Valerie(the girl) says 'oh are you gonna get me anything?' and he was like 'uhhhh' so he pretty much killed his shot with her with that, she like looked a little awkward just cause the way he said it..
    and i was like 'oh i would get you something'

    and she was like 'yeah?'

    and i said 'but only if you get me something'

    then she said 'ill give you a special kind of gift' and then she like smiled and she cant wink but she tried and it was mad cute.

    and while we were walking out of the restaurant, she didnt have a coat, so i offered mine and put it around her and put my arm around her as we walked back to the cars, and as she got into the backseat of her friends car everyone was giving her a hug goodbye and when i walked up i gave her a kiss on the cheek and she told me to give her my phone and i gave it to her and she put her number in my phone

    and she left and i walked back to my whip and i didnt even pull out of the parking lot and i texted this girl that it was me..

    and the next night we hungout at my boy matts moms flower shop for a little party..and it was there that we first kissed and started making out after a little while and after like 1130 we left and i took her near my other boys brother in laws marina, cause its madd secluded and its all summer homes so noones there in the winter and we hooked up, but it wasnt like a rush hookup in the backseat, even though it was the 2nd time we had seen eachother, i was so entranced by her eyes which were a bluish green depending on the light

    and from that night on, we hungout all the time until i had to leave a couple days after new years, and me and her had a really good last night but it was kinda sad..we werent going out, but i liked the girl a good amount, and she was cool hanging out with my friends

    so we texted all the time, pretty much every day and somehow she convinced her parents to let her come down to see me in feb, and then she got accepted to a college here so she parlayed it into a college trip/vacation to see me. she had off from school anyway so it was cool..

    and she came down last friday and i picked her up saturday at the college and we got back to my place and, in all honesty, i didnt miss the sex as much as i missed just holding onto a sensitive romantic with girls and thats really what i enjoy, cause sex can only take you so far in a relationship..

    and while she was here we just had the best of times, i was smiling every single day and then on tuesday night she was messing with my phone for a bit while i was playing some video games and i didnt look at my phone until we were about to go to bed and she had wrote on my banner 'I LOVE YOU!' and i got into the bed and told her i loved her..and for me, i have been hurt alot in my relationship history, but this one, for some reason just felt really special..

    and im not the type of guy who can say 'i love you' to a girl and not mean it..i dated a girl for 6 months and never said it, just because if i dont feel it, im not gonna lie just cause a girl wants to say it to me..but thats another story..

    but anyway..she just left yesterday and ive been mad depressed and lonely since she left..i was bawlin at the airport after she went through security..she cried on my shoulder a bunch while she was here cause she didnt want to leave and i didnt let it it all built up and just came out at the airport..

    i really love this girl, and i havent been in real love since i was a sophmore...

    btw, i took a roxy 30 and smoked 3/4s of a blunt to the face :cool::smoking:

    thanks to anyone who actually reads this, its more just to get it out there:p
  2. pics of the weed?


    dude thats nice. I almost want to tell my girlfriend I love her but im afraid shed just scoff at me or wouldnt say it back or whatever. I guess im just gonna wait

  3. Based on how you wanted to have sex with another girl, I'd guess you'd be insincere.

    But I could be falsifiable.
  4. haha my girlfriends pretty open about that stuff for some reason. I really would never do it, just thought it'd be funny to post about and get some opinions

    regardless, sex does not equal love and love does not equal sex.

    There can be love without sex, love with sex, and sex without love.

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