Girl I met on Words With Friends...

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  1. I met this chick about a month ago playing words with friends and got her to send me a pic of her tits. From there, it escalated and she's been sending me all kinds of pics and sexting me. She's 28 and just got out of a relationship and I can tell she's sexually frustrated and wants my cock bad.

    Hell, she said she would fly out and visit me and put us up in the Ritz Carlton for the weekend. This is not a joke at all, I am dead serious and am shocked at how far this has gotten.

    Question is, should I take her up on this? I've checked her out and everything looks good. She has a high paying job $150,000 and drives a Benz so she's not bullshitting about flying out and the Ritz.

    I think I would have to be a pussy not to take her to pound town, what say you?
  2. i say pound that pussy and milk her for some money or things bro, have her be your sugar mama

  3. That's exactly my thought process but it seems too good to be true.
  4. I think you should show us the pics, so we have a better understanding of the situation.
  5. Sounds like a scam to me... somehow, or a troll. they will make you pay for something and then never show up.

  6. Don't think so bro. I have countless pics of her doing whatever I tell her.
  7. sugar mama her
  8. Tell her to text me and ill do what has to be done :D

    Seriously though pound that shit, and milk it dry. Make her your sugar momma son
  9. Thanks for the support blades
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    I would but I can't put up nudes :(

    Also, she is good looking and has a banging body.
  11. Private message;) I wanna see heheeh :devious:
  12. did you send a cock pic?

  13. yes, i sent a cock pic. I sent many, how'd u think I got her hooked ;)
  14. i dunno man i don't think girls think the same way as guys do when it comes to visual stimulation.
  15. here's a safe pic i can show

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  16. trust me this chick is a freak
  17. she wants me bad it's crazy. hell, she even sexts me while she's out a date with guy she met (not serious yet).

    ass shot

  18. Shoot a nude;) hahah
  19. attention whore?

    Tell her to get her skanky ass down to you and work it or just keep being her bitch to turn too when she needs a little attention.

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