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girl help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JonnyPotSeed, May 1, 2003.

  1. ive been talking to this girl for a couple days now and i can tell she kind of likes me and i like her.So damn good looking to.So i thought about asking her on a date.And i wanted to see if anyone had a good idea were i could take her.Lol thanks for the help.
  2. Dinner and a movie. It's all you need. The simplest date to plan.
  3. a concert. and they most probably got beer there too. that helps. before that, a dinner. that is given.
  4. one of my fav places to take a girl is to the comedy club, i think its more orginal than a movie. Only thing that sucks is when you get some weak ass comedian.

    Sports games are cool too, most chicks dont dig sports though :(

    Defintally dinner, thats a given.
  5. yea, will lets see, since i am a girl and i have been on many dates, i would say girls like to get to know the person their on a date with, because thats why they are going on the date with you. so be creative, and take her to a nice dinner, and then do something creative, like if u love football, take her to a football game so she can see your sporty side, or take her to a romantic movie, so she can see your romantic side. show your personality wherever you take her! and have fun!
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^
    Take it from a girl.

    I like taking them to movies so I can see what kind of person they are. You can really classify a person based on how they act during a movie. I may have to write up all the rules on that sometime.

  7. you do realize that the *only* reason guys go to a romantic movie (or chick-flick) is to impress the girl. it's got nothing to do with the guys "romantic" side or a wish for seeing the movie at all.

    strange thing is, it works :)
  8. it doesnt matter where you go. you could go to a cave, as long as you keep her interest, she'll be, well, interested. when I go on dates (lol, this may be of some help, being that i am girl, who dates the girlies as well;)) I always try to keep things flowing and unexpected..I ask questions that will get to know her, but also maybe a lil out there, if you say things that are kind of querky, she'll remember them for sure. (this is for when the timing is right>) I love kissing necks, sometimes Ill leave marks not on purpose, but some girls are just extrememly sensitive there, and if I do leave marks I say something along the lines, yeah I knew you'd be thinking about me all day and give a 'thats why i did it look' shell most likely say yeah it did make me think about you ;) (patent pending) :D thats a classic of mine. (self plug ~ its 1 month to the day with the new girl! and I pulled that move! she still talks about it!!)
    anyway, you dont have to go crazy with the date, you can do anything, its all about the communication..if you got good conversation then itll be a good date! and youll know shes into you. if shes not responding to you, then she isnt thing Ive found too, be yourself and tell yourself (if you are) dont be nervous..if she isnt going to take you for how you are now, forget this girl. oh, and confidence, is a turn on! good luck with the date, have fun!
    edit, ok I rambled on about stuff but I do have 2 fun places to take her in mind.. destination: zoo or aquarium. lots of time to walk and talk, and if conversation does get slow, then theres always things to talk about. and how fun are animals!??!!
  9. Where ever you go... be nice and sweet.

    Listen to the others on what to do!
  10. get her stoned.
  11. Don't goto the movies man, that's sooo played out. You need to know the girl first and a movie just takes 2hrs away from your date looking at a damn screen. What I do is go out to eat and then go play a couple rounds of pool with her, this way you spend a good amount of time communicating with her.

  12. yesssss...and find out if you got kind of movie interest in common...pool is good, although NOT if shes that prissy girlly type. unless you like that, but a girl that can hold her own in a game of pool, is definatly a second dater LOL ;) for sure. I dunno how it works with guys and girls if she actaully beats
  13. take her to the beach at night..... set a small fire or something, drink some beers (or substitute of her choice) sit there look over the water and talk all night..... ya gotta make sure its a warm'er night though....the important thing is that both of you are comfortable with the situation and each other.... thats what makes dates work, that and not making an ass out of your
  14. here's some good advice from and old man to any young men who are willing to listen

    Always let her listen to the music she wants to listen to. You can listen to your preference when you are without her but when together, let her pick.

    When dating, take her to the movie that SHE wants to see and not the one you want to see.

    For the most part, only open your mouth to smile with and not to blurt out some dumb guy-thing thing you heard form your buddies.

    Look, them in the eyes, nod your head and smile a lot, especially when they are talking to you.

    Open the car door for them and hold the door open for them when going in someplace.

    If you go out to eat and she doesn't order much to eat, it becuase she doesn't want to seem like a pig in front of you. So don't you order a big giant doublecheesburger woth a supersized milkshake. That's rude. If she is willing to eat less to make a good impression it would be nice for you to do the same thing.
  15. ^^^^
    Take it from a woman. If your girl wants to do it, you've found a keeper. ;-)

    edit: I just have to say WTF!?! The post below me by GanjaMom was posted before I wrote this and now my post is above hers. It kinda make mine out of order. Weird.
  16. id have to combine a couple of those and say that smoking then dinner then the aquarium and then the sex in the sheds would be ideal
  17. this might sound a bit like GW Bush explaining how to be a hippy, or Manson saying what its like to be a pasaphyst, but...

    not that i'm the best person in the world to ask on this topic, but...
    how about the three part date. in any order...

    one part entertainment (liek a movie or concert),
    one part intimate getting to know you stuff (like dinner), and
    one part getting to know you in your surroundings (your pad with some o yer mates lounging around) and make sure you let her know you want to see her in her surroundings too!)...

    then the credits start to roll up..
    the walk home (if appropriate)
    the whatever after (if appropriate) like the old cheesy "so, uh, do you want to come up for coffee?"

  18. follow this and your sure to be percieved of as a "keeper" and be set up for a potential life time of being walked over!


    :D :p :D
  19. the dates my gf and i go on are dope....we usually get to wherever we're going....smoke a few bowls, and go on about our business...its no one can see us cuz i have a big van w/ no back/side windows...a couch, and a i have everything in there like munchies and drinks, its awesome

    one time though, we were taking bong loads and we forgot where we were...ended up, i just drove to her house..but yeah, its dope

    our first "Date" was at my house..first tiem either of us got stoned. it was great.
  20. That was kinda my thing tho you've broken it up better. Dinner and a movie has all that if you do it right. If yo go to the right place you can have a nice intimate little dinner and get to know someone. Then, go to a movie and be entertained (but a concert sounds like a good idea). And then afterword you have some car time in front of her house or you could invite her back to your place to chill.

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