Girl + Drunk Redneck Stepdad + Gun

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  1. Hey Guys. Whats good. I'm gonna share the scariest expierence of my life. This happened a few years ago, but I still think it will be interesting. So, back in the day when I was 15, I went up to a popular hangout with one of my friends, lets call him Jon. Jon calls up a few girls to hang out, they agree, and we wait for them to pull up. We wait about 15 mins, and they come...but we see that they want to talk to us by their ride. Well we go up to them, and one of the girls stepdad is like jump in. Keep in mind this dude is a redneck with a nasty ass pickup truck. We jump in and see tons of empty beers and about fifty million packs of cigarretes. I get the front seat...bad decision. This guy whips out a FUCKING HANDGUN on us, and says no funny business with my girl! I'm like Yes Sir, I got you. I was shocked, I come from a liberal family, and have never seen a loaded gun in my life. He proceeds to tell me and my friend that he will kill us both if we "do anything funny" with his stepdaughter. He starts telling us about some country song about "daddy always polishing his gun for his daughters bf or some bullshit." By this point, I'm freaked, and I start Boy Scout saluting this guy. I'm no fucking boy scout! Another bad decision. He asks me what merits I have in boy scouts...this guy starts bitching at me like crazy, when I have no response. Needless to say, we got out of the car and ditched the girls. Lol. Scariest moment in my life really, because he was clearly drunk, and pissed.

    I no longer date country girls. :D
  2. Haha why did you Boy Scout salute him?? You're insane lol
  3. Have been in a similar situation.:D.....wait :(
  4. damn thats crazey
  5. yeahh. it was nuts man...girl looked real good too!
    why do the hot girls always have fucked up dads?!?!
  6. I dont know why you have to talk about loaded guns like they're a bad thing. sure the guy was fucked up, but dont act like he was fucked up b/c he had a gun. Besides, if he was as redneck as you say, he was probly saving his stepdaughter for himself! :)
  7. i'm only saying it was fucked up because he was wasted man. I don't drink myself- family has alcohol problems, but this dude was smashed! Alcohol + angry stepdad + loaded gun= recipe for disaster. BUT, lol at your comment about the guy.
  8. he didnt want u to diddle his property....or something like that. Rednecks are fucking lame and makes every other country look down on us :mad:
  9. when i saw the title of this i thought it was going to be a good old molestation story

  10. I thought it was the soft liberals that made other countries look down on us?
  11. lol, me too:D
  12. No, it's definitely the rednecks.

  13. Depends on which countries you're talking about.
  14. What? Dude, don't boyscout salute him! Whats the matter with you? lol!
  15. Because he had a loaded gun, lol. I'd be pulling out all sorts of odd habits if someone had a loaded gun shoved in my face. Saluting would be the least of it.
  16. Ha Ha! That's how it is out here in the woods :D

    Come on in boy, sit on down
    And tell me about yourself
    So you like my daughter do you now?
    Yeah we think she's something else
    She's her daddy's girl
    Her momma's world
    She deserves respect
    That’s what she'll get
    Ain’t it son?
    Hey y'all run along and have some fun
    I'll see you when you get back
    Bet I’ll be up all night
    Still cleanin' this gun

    Now it's all for show
    Ain’t nobody gonna get hurt
    It’s just a daddy thing
    And hey, believe me, man it works!

  17. LMAO! thats the exact song he started singing!

  18. I'm a country girl....knew the song as soon as you mentioned
  19. [​IMG]

    Wow that's a crazy story man. I might have peed myself.

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