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Giggly Shit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by weedboss, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. Smoked this bud yesterday with my cousin and were laughing none stop on this shit for like 1/2 hour, good to have those giggles back :D:D:D That was some goooood shit.
  2. Giggles are good, its just the feeling of laughing and laughing your balls off.. :p

  3. I think that we just get used to the buzz and understand how to control it to a certain extent and then we can't crack up, but sometimes i think we shuold really let ourselves go, this world's to serious we need to be more happy and chilled :) :smoke:
  4. Happy 1300th post. I'm going to have giggle-type fits probably when I start smokin again.. been over 2 months.
  5. wow.. last timei got the giggles was bad, i laughed so hard i had a sore throught for bouta week and i threw up....other than that it was all fun

  6. Thanx for the eknowledgment :) and why you been off weed for 2 months dude thats far too long.

  7. LMAO sounds like you had alot of fun, getting a sore throat off it shit man you must of been histerical or however you spell it.
  8. No weed for me cause I'm lookin for a job. And where ever I can get a job will probably drug test.
  9. Then get a stoner freindly job, no need for drug testing.
  10. TACO BELL!

    we all smoke there

    even the lil chiuaua!
  11. i used to work in an art supply store in this little hippe town it was great. There was no drug test and my job was to like tell people what they needed and most people just wanderd around will i watched TV and sat on my ass. Then one day me and the other guy that worked there (my boss) were havin a lunch break in the back room and he pulls out a little tin and rolls up a J so we roast it in the back room. Best job ever

    btw i didn't get fired, i was "layed off"
  12. nothing better than that. just a feeling of realease. one of the purest emotions there is. rock on. thats badass.

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