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    Alright, wellllll it appears that I'm going to fail at least 1 class this semester, and I'm not feeling good about it and can't sleep, sooo thought I'd make a thread about this. I really don't know how to go about saying this without sounding cocky, so I'm just gonna say it without trying to sound too Understand that my intention is not to talk myself up, but rather get some understanding and feedback on my situation.

    I've always been very intelligent. I learned how to do much math on my own when I was very young, when I took a reading level test in 3rd grade I had past high school level in all of the different categories. I always got perfect grades when I was younger, and it was basically like my teachers just had me help other students, cuz the material was so easy for me that I didn't really have to learn it much, so I just helped others. They also wanted to advance me a grade or 2, but we decided that wasn't a good idea cuz I was already young for my grade, and would have had a lot of difficulty socially. I would have graduated at 15. It continued this way until part way through 7th grade, when, for various reasons, I stopped trying to get good grades in school. It was literally like a switch. Up until that point, I had gotten perfect grades in every class I had ever taken. From that point on, I never got good grades in school. I'm the type of kid that doesn't have to study and can usually get A's on the test, unless it's pure memorization.

    I just...don't care about grades. Honestly, school is so easy for me like it's so boring. I'm in college now, and still I get an A on nearly every test/paper without making hardly any effort. So, I don't really do work. I don't see any point in doing work, when I already understand the material better than anyone else in my classes. All of my teachers know I'm smart, and they always talk to me about how much they enjoy having me in class and how great my participation and the comments I make and discussions I spark are. But I just...don't really care about grades. I love learning, and expanding my mind. I just don't care to do a bunch of work about stuff that is not important, especially when I already understand the concepts better than the other kids in class. Thus, if the class is homework based, I will do poorly in it.

    This semester, my schedule is philosophy, psychology, humanities, and college algebra. I absolutely love philosophy, I love psychology to a lesser degree, I like humanities, and college algebra's pretty boring considering I took through calculus in high school, but it's ok I mean math's alright. Anyways, our grade in philosophy is based on a few papers and then our exam, which was essays. I got an A in it. Psychology is based on a few tests then an exam. I got an A in it. Humanities and college algebra are homework based classes. It appears that I'm going to fail both of them. In college algebra there's just so much homework, plus it's all based online, and I didn't do hardly any of my work or even take many of the tests because...I don't see the point. I already know all of this stuff. How can I get motivated to do all this work on stuff that I already know? Humanities we have tests and assignments like every day, so I didn't do a ton of stuff. Yet, in both of these classes that it appears I'm going to fail, I got an A on nearly everything that I did.

    So, I am going to a community college because I didn't get good grades in high school, even though everyone including my teachers knew how smart I was. Now I'm not getting good grades in college, even though everyone including my teachers know how smart I am. If I don't get good grades, then....all my intelligence and knowledge means nothing. Like, literally noone gives a shit. How can it be that I can be smart like this, yet not have a chance to be successful in life, at least unless I pull something out of my ass and become successful by myself, outside of the system. It's just fucked up that I can understand the material better than the other kids in the class, yet get bad grades and thus not be able to be successful. And I do work when it provokes thought and/or is interesting. I mean, I'm not even lazy...I study, think, and read/learn about things so much on my own. But...yea. Idk...just wanted to get that out there and get some input I guess...
  2. Upon reading this thread, I have concluded that I need to stop procrasinating.

  3. Either you get your head planted into some books for the rest of college, or you fanny around and fail. Only one of those choices would suggest intelligence tbh.
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    i'm just gonna throw this out there...don't go to community college. it's a waste of time. i'm a 'gifted underachiever' too, went to community college, and 2 years later i have almost no credits and thousands of dollars less than when i started.

    but yeah, i feel you. the education system is a complete joke. a teacher gets some facts about a topic online, puts them into some lists on a powerpoint, and reads them to the class. the students memorize these facts and then write them down on a test and then they get an A in the class. all of a sudden that student is now 'smart'. the teacher also gets payed tens of thousands of dollars to do this. Then that student goes to a good college, does pretty much the same thing, and then gets a large salary at a nice job because they went to 'a good school'.
  5. Welcome to my world we cant win the only way to win is to follow a system which lacks motivation.
  6. Success in the monetary sense is more about putting in work than being brilliant. At least, that's how employers see it.
  7. It is what it is. Im the same way I really couldnt care less but im trying to change because I cant stand to see the fuckin stupid ass robot zombie fucks who think they are smart and everything because they when through the bullshit. So we can show the people how ignorant they really are or just be the old fucks always hatin on everything about life bc we didnt.
  8. Your intelligence doesn't mean shit if you don't do anything with it. The most successful people aren't the smartest, but the one's who are actually driven enough to do well. I've been there, thinking I'm too smart to work hard in classes, and guess what, I fell short of what I needed for grad school. This isn't something you can change overnight either, so start working hard at wanting to work hard or you'll keep underachieving the rest of your life, which is fine if you find something that makes you happy, but from this you sound very bitter about the road you're going down, but have no intention to change anything.
  9. If everything's so easy, wouldn't it take just a few minutes to do homework? if you just put in that time, then you could actually challenge yourself, believe me you arent too good for some of the schools out there. if you put in the effort you could challenge yourself, but the question is, do you want to? so far it doesn't seem like it.
  10. Never understood the "but I'm smarter than everyone else I'm just too lazy to apply it" crowd. The time you spent writing a long excuse could have been spent studying. Oh well, who are we to question genius?
  11. G.E.D. Power! not only did i lack motivation and procrastinate in high school, i had to get my G.E.D. when i was 16. Now I work in the woods, cutting and limbing trees. To be honest I wish I had stayed in the books and went through college that way I could have sat on my ass and make a whole lot more money. Most of the people from my graduating class have said i'm a loser and that shit, but I've busted my ass more then they've ever wildly imagined.
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  12. Obviously, school isn't "so easy for you it's boring" or you wouldn't be failing one or more classes
  13. its very important to get over yourself ...
  14. I think its funny that people are so quick to judge people with "shit"jobs or low paying, or just hard working jobs. They seem to not realize that without those "piece of shit" construction guys, trash men, lawn mowers etc. that they would be screwed. Every person has their place and purpose, unless they literally sit around and do absolutely nothing..
  15. Well someone has to be the smartest guy working at McDonalds.
  16. lazy dude...if its that easy just blow through it and your life will be just that much better.
  17. Well, my teacher in one of my classes wound up being cool about letting me make up my assignments on the last day. So I think I'm gonna get an a in there.(big step up from the fail that I thought I was gonna have lol) in my math class I essentially have to do the majority of the entire semester's work in a homework based class in the next couple days. If my teacher opens up everything and lets me...
  18. Apply to the Evergreen State College. They don't have grades; the teacher writes individual evaluations at the end of every quarter instead, which sounds perfect for ya. There aren't any required courses or set majors, so you can choose whatever you'd like to learn. You can even create your own major and design a program yourself through which to earn credits. This way you could learn what you really want to learn about and not have to take classes that are below your education level.
    I hope the whole smart-but-don't-know-what-do thing wears off and you discover your calling :wave:
  19. yeah bro, there seems to be lots of people like this around here.
    i got a 1930 on my SAT's and i had about 3 hours of sleep, was half baked, and didn't prepare at all. yet my high school GPA is about a 2. i'm still lazy as shit, and don't currently care much about school, but i know i will in the future. so my college GPA is nearly a 4, and i'm going to UNCW next year. i'm at least partially getting my shit together. If your as smart as you say it's really not hard to still do at least decently in your classes. get your shit together a little. a small amount of effort can make a big difference. i probably spend about 5% of my time outside of school on school, if that much.
    you can do it broseph. if you don't then your just screwing yourself, and well that's your choice i guess.
  20. "Don't you love it when people in school are like, 'I'm a bad test taker.' You mean you're stupid. Oh, you struggle with that part where we find out what you know? I can totally relate see, because I'm a brilliant painter minus my god awful brushstrokes. Oh, how the masterpiece is crystal up here but once paint hits canvas I develop Parkinson's." Daniel Tosh

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