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  1. Hi folks
    I'm in Northern Australia. The buildup has started here and its starting to get real humid, always does before the wet season. Have been following these forums for a couple of weeks and have learnt some really interesting things-THANKS!
    You all sound like good people. Take care and look forward to reading here again.
  2. welcome , yes there are alot of nice people here.
  3. Gidday Everyone
    Critter good to meet ya mate. Bet its cold down in your neck of the woods. Got two good mates up here from Vic, Bloody good blokes, typical mexicans love to go fish hunting, drink and get into nice smoke.Want to post some pictures of my beautiful almost ripe girls is it safe to do that or not, dont want the blue heelers following any cookie trails LOL! No worries mate see ya when I'm looking at ya. Old horseman aye! I"m from WA yeah bloody sandgroper I like all that Man from Snowy river stuff. I like Iron horses myself Yank,Jap,Pom, Italian dosen't worry me as long as it can go FAST.
    No worries then-Take care
  4. sure it's alright to post pics of ur precious beauties!

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