Gibson to Sheehan: "Enough Already."

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    ABC's Charles Gibson to Cindy Sheehan: Thanks for your sacrifice, now get lost.

    This speaks volumes of the left's sudden silence on the war. Were they being led by the media the whole time?

    Raimondo on the progressive's amnesia: War? What War?

  2. All the real liberals i know are still up in arms about the wars, especially the escalation in Afghanistan. Maybe if there wasnt so much time being spent by themaisntream media on birthers, deathers, town hall goons, and teabaggers, the anti-war croud would be heard louder.

    I do agree in theory though, many on the left have abandoned the anti-war cause just because Obama is president. Obama has really been quite conservative as far as foreign policy, the neocons and corporist have him on a leash.
  3. See correction.

    Conservative (or classical liberal) foreign policy as written by our founders is non-interventionism. Conservativism means frugality, therefore nation building is out of the question. We must instead rely on the positive image we project and the willingness of foreign sovereign or unsovereign people to emulate us.

    Nation building is a new concept adopted by both progressives and neocons.

    So little as 9 years ago it was still considered Republican to speak out on nation building:

    -GWB c. 1999-2000
  4. Im a progressive and im against nation building.
  5. Makes you wonder if Cindy Sheehan even had parents. Poor Cindy Sheehan, not enough attention in the world for one person.
  6. You could say the same about Glenn Beck. Except Cindy Sheehan isnt a piece of human waste like Beck.
  7. This isn't about Glenn Beck. Second, Glenn Beck isn't an attention whore, he's just a nutty guy with a television show. Sheehan is by far the bigger human waste, she hates her own country. What kind of person hates their own country? I could see if it were Russia... Oh wait, she wants us to be more like Communist Russia. What an evil person. Glenn Beck wants us to be more like... our Constitution... what a piece of shit.
  8. Why do Libertarians dismiss the other side of the spectrum?
  9. Why do liberals dismiss the other side of the spectrum?

    It's a two-way street, friend.
  10. Im all for pure capitalism, I think it would be interesting, but most Libertarians on here completely dismiss socialism, they both work equally as well IMO as long as theyre properly implemented
  11. You think Beck cares about this country? You dont think hes an attention whore? Wake up.

    On what basis can you say that Cindy Sheehan supports Communism?
  12. That's right guys, it's the crazy right-winger's fault the media is ignoring the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  13. No, its the medias fault for giving and credence to them when they could be talking about Blackwater or Afghanistan.
  14. If you think socialism would stand up to capitalism, then I'm afraid you have a very loose understanding of capitalism and why it is vastly superior.

    I think Beck does care about this country. Why else would he defend the Constitution as much as he does? Sure, he's a little crazy, but he's always been crazy. And no, I don't think he's an attention whore, he's always acted the same way, even when he was on CNN/HLN, if he was an attention whore he'd be like Cindy Sheehan and take overly-controversial and spiteful positions on things to gain attention. He doesn't, he's just always been Glenn Beck.

    She's as selfish and dumb liberal?
  15. Is a free market currently operating in any successful government in the world?
  16. There are free markets all over the world, in every country, but they're all still limited, so they haven't been able to reach their full potential. But yes, there are. They're so great, that a former country that hated capitalism and free markets now embraces capitalism and has become one of the largest, most rapidly expanding economics in the world. Look at Hong Kong, best example of a free market in the modern world, and they have relatively few problems. Extremely low poverty and unemployment, lots of economic freedom, huge economy, etc. It's working out GREAT for them.
  17. There are no completely free market systems currently operating. Hong Kong also has the same retarded social policies we enstate. Which country is cannabis essentially Legalized in again? Im not making an argument against capitalism, im making one against ignorance towards socialism , NOTHING is black and white.
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    Oh christ..

  19. Logical fallacies are cool, yo.

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