Giant Pipes

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  1. Where can you get those really big pipes?
    Like the 1 on Mac and Devin go to High School


    Video of one
  2. A glass blower who does custom pieces?

    I think that shit is dumb though,might as well make it a bong.
  3. That looks super harsh, why would you want one?
  4. Those are mostly novelty pieces, not something you smoke out of every day,
  5. [quote name='"BP to the DP"']That looks super harsh, why would you want one?[/quote]

    For the lols...
  6. My local head shops sells big spoon pipes and steamrollers.

    And by big I mean 1+ foot long.
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    I've seen big spoons like 1'-2' on a few online shops it's basicly a big steamroller and that chick is cute but I've never seen a more flat chested woman
  8. My LHS has a spoon with a bowl the size of a small fist, the bulb shaped part is about the size of a coconut and it's about a foot and a half long and proportioned exactly like a normal spoon.
  9. A head shop around here has one that same size, but different colors.

    I would only see someone buying it to use a ridiculous party piece to whip out when everybody is drunk...

    "Woah dude hahah where did you that THAT THING MAN!!"
  10. One thing people don't think about with these big bongs and pipes and is that you have to have the lung capacity to emty the thing. How big do you think your lungs are?? I'm a bagpipe player, I have great lung capacity and I can't evacuate the smoke from big pieces like this. It just seems wastefull, and who would want to waste weed?
  11. [quote name='"Vir Infractus"']It just seems wastefull, and who would want to waste weed?[/quote]

    Anyone who has ever smoked a joint/blunt. Anyone who smokes instead of vapes. Anyone who lets their bowl cherry. Anyone who torches their weed. Haha just messing with you dude you have a good point.
  12. My convenience store has them lol. Can someone tell me the name of that YouTube channel? I'm on my phone and when I click the video it just loads.

  13. I'm pretty sure it's tokendaily
  14. [quote name='"thelizardkin"']

    I'm pretty sure it's tokendaily[/quote]

    Yup it's token daily. I remember that video.
  15. Stupid as fuck, be funny when it breaks. Looks like a massive cock more then a pipe..
  16. Wtf is wrong with all of you? Aww waste of weed. Dont have lung capistity who the fuck cares? That shit is sick just when your bored as fuck and with all your friends take something like that out life of the party
  17. I got a buddy who had a double bowled, 1 1/2 ft, about 3 inch diameter steamroller. Thing hit really well.

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