Giant Cow on Steriods

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  1. trippy but I'd eat a steak from this bad boy fo sho :D

  2. :laughing: At 0:54 they start to pan in on the super cow cock.
  3. Holy shit did you see the glutes on the one cow.

    God damn I need me some super genetics
  4. haha, that's a massive cow cock! lol

    next thing they'll be steriod uppin those horses at the shows in MeXiCo
  5. [ame][/ame]

    Here's the Nat geo video of it

    Warning you may see huge bull penis
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    double the beef but that cow looks horrible
    edit: ^^^^new worst job in the world, jack off a bull, and collect jizz
  7. That cow is fucking ripped! Thats insane. Also at 3:40 I bet that guy hates telling people what he does for a living at his high school reunions.
  8. That's just unnatural thats not right.
  9. That makes me not want to eat it.
  10. Gives muscle milk a whole new meaning.
  11. [quote name='"Prism Tino"']Gives muscle milk a whole new meaning.[/quote]

  12. [quote name='"Scream ahh"']I'd eat it[/quote]

    You'd have to or it'll eat you!!!!
  13. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']

    You'd have to or it'll eat you!!!![/quote]


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