GHS,super lemon haze

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by hdcruiser07, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. looking for honest opinions about the high,yield,and all out does and donts for growing this strain.looking for only those who have grown this strain.any advise.
    is this really a good strain all around.

  2. cant say anything besides i just got a 5 pack and germed 5 for 5 in glasses of water then into rapid rooters. had sprouts less than 36 hours later.

    negatives ive heard are strange phenos, medium to low yields, and finnicky with nutes...but i follow a guy named "bauks420" on youtube and he seems to have had great success with the strains in DWC.

    google that name and youll find his page. he used SLH forever, cloning off one mom with a good pheno.
  3. I agree on having many strange phenos, there's supposedly a purple pheno. and it is finnicky with nutes.

    I bought the 5 pack as well and only germed a couple and saved the rest.

    Its a pretty good daytime smoke. I could smoke it all day and not get sleepy. Very good Sativa high.

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