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  1. okay, before you start flaming this thread with bullshit about something no one on earth is intirely certian about, hear me out.

    in 8th grade i visited gettysburg. a town in pensyvenia where the largest batle of the civil war occured. it was a fun trip but nothing was as interesting as what i discovered there. in the camp ground when we took photos, there appeared to be glowing orbs in the photos, sometimes surrounding us. we were completely perplexed. a few days later we took a "ghost tour". at first i thought it was bullshit til i began wandering because we were doing it on the actual battlefeild. so we meet with this weird fucking tourguide. he had a fucked up hand and a creepy voice be he was so certian about his beliefs. i thought he was a madman until that night ended.

    well my girlfriend at the time reported while freaking out that she tripped over a human arm on the feild and it disappeared into fog. again i highly doubted it, while we aimed thermometers at certian windows in buildings it would go from 70 degrees to below zero in milliseconds. i was starting to be very curious. it was creepy. then we were walking back after walking around for a good 30 mins and something completely hit me. i felt freezing cold and nearly passed out. my phone that had the battery removed rang and i heard it from a football feild away in the feild. once i sort of regained consiousness i said "WHAT THE FUCK??!!!". i was completely mindfucked and even to this day i cannot talk or type about this experience without having goosebumps the whole time and tearing up.

    this was easily the most solid form of any spirituality anyone could ever experience in life. way more solid than any Bible or Quaran ever was. for all you psychonauts and intelectuals out there, i strongly urge you to plunge into something like this and see for yourself. i couldnt hide this experience from my favorite community any longer.
  2. Orbs are really nothing special, just energy. They can be spirits but its kind of rare
    and I might have to call BS on that thermometer going from 70-0.
    Unless they were broken or set that way, or some other explanation
    spirits can lower tempature but no way near that fast, not at all.
    it would take at least 2 minutes
    or they would be incredibleyyyy strong spirits, however thats unlikely

  3. i dont know man. it was a pretty tragic and brutal battle if you look at history. many angry spirits may reside there. its just i have only seen these orbs and temp changes in so called "haunted places". this resteraunt in savannah thats confirmed haunted and gettysburg are the only two places where iv seen orbs in photos

    edit: the resteraunt employees are constantly reporting going in the store in the morning and all the candles being lit
  4. gettysburg had the same effect on me... walking through a field, got paralyzed for a minute, freezing, nearly passed out.. i dismissed it as a placebo effect of sorts, hoping it was the knowledge of all those dead on the ground i walked on that did it... not so sure.
  5. man i can see those types of ghosts or whatever anytime i want aslong as i have the 2 drugs i need and darkness

  6. thats crazy. well i wanst informed that it happened to people until it actually happened so i cant see it being placebo for me. as for you, well its the same thing that i experienced so its pretty profound
  7. i also forgot to mention that about 80% of the time orbs in photos are actually dust or bugs. The bugs and dust are not circular shaped but most cameras arent precise enough to show their true definition.
    Usually old builidings are the most haunted and they also happen to have the most dust.

    Spirits can totally change temperature, im not denying that. but very slowly and by not much. It would be like a 1 degree change per 2 seconds. Spirits are nothing more than concentrated forms of electromagnetic energy with some form of intelligence

  8. it was in the camp ground like outside and we didnt have a fire going as far as i remember or that would explain the particles.

  9. no bs, but it might not be paranormal either. other electronic devices such as cameras and emf detectors can alter the readings on a digital thermometer easily.
  10. Meh... I have never experienced anything that makes me think that ghosts exist.

    I also went on a ghost tour in grade 8. They took us to an really old penitentiary in Ottawa that is suppose to be one of the most haunted places in Canada. Some of it was pretty neat. They had an old noose in the watchtower of the building so when people used to be hung everyone in the prison would see it. Anyways.

    They took us through the jail and where feeding our overactive imaginations with story's about people experiencing ghost encounters in the prison and stuff. Then the lights turned off. Of course everyone was scared and wanted to leave. It was the only scarey thing anyone had experienced that night. Turns out one of the guides turned off the lights just to fuck with us. Some of us saw him do it.

    It's their job to scare you.

    Kinda ruined the mystique for me. It's all in the mind IMO.
  11. well i have friends who have seen ghost figures before. i even had a friend who claimed to be possesed at age 3 which i dont believe too much, seems silly.

    dont take this shit from me though, im just saying its really worth exploring if your into spirituality
  12. I done the Ouija board once.

    NEVER again. Nuff said.
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    Dude thats awesome. :smoking:

  14. lol i want to work at the company that makes those things to see what the real deal is. never used oone myself. im a huge skeptic but my experience rocked the cock and balls of my reality. we all know there are spectrims that we dont see. maybe life energy, just like anyother kind of energy, cant be created nor desroyed and so they reside on earth. i think its the restless spirits that are really apparent to live people though, they all seem angry for some reason.

    edit: i got it, the southern soudgers are pissed because they lost. i wander if they target black people when they spook them lol
  15. lol what is this guy, a specialist on spiritology?

    Who's to say they can't do that.
  16. Yo Gettysburg is pretty crazy i live like an hour from that place and ive seen some shit to
  17. No offense to anyone. I don't believe any of that. Not saying I don't believe in them. I just believe they have no business being on earth after they have passed. Makes no sense. I believe a lot of it is in our minds "wanting" to see it and thats when we "think" we see it. Just take a pic of a fog one night. Your brain will be able to spot many faces, figures and goblins for hours. :rolleyes: Just my opinion.

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