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    I don't mind the update, not one bit. What I do mind is Sunday night and there are like 10 people in general. Before the update there was usually at least 20 or 30 on Sunday night at this hour.

    You guys think it will ever get back to normal? Did the new look really run that many off?
  2. New members have been joining with a vengeance, it will pick back up for sure. 
  3. Give it time, has been up for a short period so far.
  4. It says there have been like 3,300 people in the last 15 minutes on this site. Lol so unless thats a little mess up I dont see how there isnt many people. Probably not posting, but yeah thats hella people.
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    It's been slow every day and night since the update. I'm sure new members will join but they won't make up for the ones who left. 
    Also I think when the app is available there will be more activity. 
    And Clueless that's just people visiting the site. The number of people actually talking and participating (like before the update) is waaaaaaaaaaay less. 
  6. Any word on the app? Ive been fiendin for it
    It'll pick up...some people have been taking a break and waiting until everything is working, and like you said, once the app is available, more people will come back...
    There was a pretty good lull after the sever change a bit ago as well...
  8. This is what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong new members is great! The more the better, but like she said it feels like there is a hole in gc where old blades used to be. I'm down with the changing of the times and all, but it's sad to see the city so dead...
    AFAIK it's been submitted for both Apple and Android, it should just be a matter of approval...
  10. i NEED my Gc app!!
    Its as simple as it being a cycle, people are gonna leave and the RIGHT people are gonna step up and fill the gap, just as the right people did before them however its not something that's gonna happen over night.
    Besides, like i wanna share a website with a bunch of cunty people who leave because it looks different, LOL. 
  12. Ah ok, yeah I was assuming OP meant active users. Yeah it does seem pretty slow lately, or it depends, sometimes I log onto like 20 notifications lol.
    I can feel where you're coming from. Im fairly new so I cant say if I prefer this way or the old way better, but I know that feel bro
  13. thank you! Thats what I read somewhere aswell, didnt know if they had updated where they were at
    Not necessarily the words I'd use, but I agree with the sentiment...GC is all about the people...anything else is secondary...
    Sorry...that's all I know ATM...maybe gnik will have more news tomorrow...
  15. This makes more since than sliced bread.....fuckin word man.
  16. It feels weird because I know some people left, some people changed their names, etc...
    I have to get adjusted to the new gc. If the app is cool Im sure Ill be around. 
    What threads are popular right now? I need to browse 
  17. I don't like that people are changing names. It confuses me haha. Idk about threads. Nothing in Gen...
  18. u can change ur name now?
  19. If you do it I'll smack yo mama.
  20. I've gotten a little used to this update.....but I will always miss the old gc :/ 4 years almost on a daily basis? Yeah, I'll always miss it.

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