Ghost Recon

Discussion in 'General' started by spikeman, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. Does anybody else here play ghost recon on xbox live? My tag is below, Im on every once in awhile, so if your on and want to play and shit, just add me.
  2. scottiesetsfire <--my xbox tag

    <3 ghost recon. i like the original better than island thunder or whatever it's called. but i'm not much of a videogame person. i maybe play once a month at like 4 in the morning. lol
  3. im a gaming geek, :p

    i completeed most my games and the only game i gon online with is mech assult, im adicted to anything battletech

    mmmmm 30 tonne mechs blowing the crap into each other lol

    btw my gamertag is Dr Krapp
  4. I was originaly gonna buy that game and an xbox just for it, cause I used to play rogue spear all the time on the pc, but I cant use the pc for it anymore... anyways, I thought that game was crap when I played it at a friends on their xbox.
    There isn't even a 3rd person. but that's not at all the only reson i didn't like it. but, whatever, i gtg

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