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"ghost hitting"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HIGHliketheSKY, May 24, 2010.

  1. So I have noticed that about 90% of the time I end up ghost hitting, or there is very little smoke that seems to be exhaled. I am certain that I am inhaling properly because I am getting high. So basically I'm wondering what are your opinions on ghost hitting? Anyone else a ghost hitter? is it harmful? how long should i hold it in for? :confused:
  2. I'm no doctor but I can tell you that holding toxins like carbon monoxide and polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons in your lungs=bad. Hold for 2-5seconds, blow that shit out.

  3. thank you :hello:
  4. if youre vaping then ghost that shit right up!!!!!

  5. This:hello:
  6. No reason to hold your hit in for more than about 7 seconds.
  7. Yeah, Ghosting is for looks. Usually to see who can hold it longest. It's pointless.
  8. yeah i think i've read that anything over ~5 seconds is just depriving the brain of oxygen.

  9. This is ludicrous. It takes near a minute before you start losing brain cells from oxygen deprivation. I mean haven't you ever held your breath for more than 10 seconds while swimming in a pool?
  10. i only hold my hit in for 2-3 seconds max, and i get plenty high

  11. You're losing out though. NORML did a study which concluded that 5-8 seconds is the ideal amount of time before the diminishing returns make it unreasonable. If you wish to optimize your thc to bad stuff (Carcinogens, tar, etc) ratio, go for 7 seconds.
  12. is stopping oxygen flow to the brain for any amount not still depriving the brain of oxygen? and i believe the figure is four minutes of holding before damage begins... but i've also heard 10 seconds to 10 minutes...

    regardless, i've read that something like 95% thc is absorbed by the lungs in ~5 seconds, so anything more than that is overkill.
  13. sorry for the double post, but do you have a link? i'd be interested to see this. everything i've read/heard says 5-6 seconds, max.
  14. Everyone gets thier sources from different places. some say 3-4, 5-7 whatever. Just go with 5 then let it out.
  15. who the fuck counts the seconds? just hold until you feel like you should let it out, its really just personal preference to me.
  16. Simple as this.

    a hearbeat to collect the THC in to your lungs, another heartbeat to circulate it to your brain/body, one more heartbeat to let it all set in to the good little nooks inside your brain receptors and shit.

    Then blow that shit out.

    about 3-4 seconds if you arent already heart crazy high. 1-2 seconds to make it viable, another 1-2 to get it thoroughly I suppose.

    technically it all has to do with your blood flow.

    But fuck the holding it in competitions.
  17. a while back i use to think ghosting got me SO baked because i would get extremely light-headed. i would take fat ass bowl pack of a waterfall with all the condensed smoke in one hit and hold in for up 30 seconds+
    Now that i reflect on that past i realize my foolish mistake. the lightheadedness is a result of oxygen deprevation. however, the light-headedness always flowed into my high and i thought it was one in the same

    do not make this same mistake, it can be harmful!
    i actually remember fainting one time..
  18. damn that is crazy, i def intend on keeping it to 7 seconds or less! thank you for sharing this.
  19. Not while holding a hit no.
  20. #20 KANSAStoner, May 24, 2010
    Last edited: May 24, 2010
    Are you smoking by yourself or do you burn one with buds, watch them, I smoked my first carbed glass pipe wrong for a week before friends laughed at me.

    Man I just loaded my bong with my ashtray. Seems I don't need to load it after all.

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