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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CervezA, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. yahh.. so i bid on this light on ebay for like 40 bucks. says it's a 400watt HPS.. how much work would it be to get this thing workin? just split an extension cord and go to the two wires?

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  2. another view.

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  3. last one...
    also, I'm just assuming that this is in fact a HPS light? everything look right??
  4. oops..

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  5. looks good to me, and $40 is a great price. wire it on up and let us know how it goes:D

  6. yahhh, only problem is the 30$ for shipping =\ so i guess it comes to 70
  7. $70 will get you a 70W HPS at Casa de Pot. And you still have to wire in a cord. Make sure it is heavy enough for the load.
    Don't be alarmed of the light doesn't come on right can take forever for some ballasts to
    warm up. Do be aarmed if you hear popping or snapping from the ballast or see sparks anywhere but inside the bulb. Don't be tempted to watch it too close and personal, incase of a fault in any part of the devise.
    Good luck!
  8. thank yah :)

    my other option was to go to Brew and Grow and spend 179.99 on a brand new 400watt hps
  9. hey cerveza, pm me and i will send you a link to make that light into a killer grow lamp!!!!!!

  10. done and done :)
  11. well what the hell did the friggen thing work or not? :p..... please pm me to let me know :)

  12. hehe, it hasn't even been sent out yet. still waitin for the chick to tell me how much for shipping =\

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