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  1. Anyone else think that life in the ghetto seems nice when its spoken through rap lyrics? Cookouts, cruising in nice cars, just going down the street and handing someone 10 bucks for a bag of weed rather than making call after call trying to find a good dealer, community, and lot of blunts. it just all seems nice.
  2. Besides the killing & shooting, yea i guess.
  3. umm, you probably have never been to the ghetto, its nothing like rap videos with the nice ass cars and shit..sure there may be BBQ, but what neighbor hood doesnt have BBQ' have to lay low most of the time in the hood so you dont get robbed, shot or fucked with..Its rough out there most of the time man, and plus the houses are most likely run down, if it were so nice no one would ever leave the hood once they made money, right?
  4. same here..its kinda like war films though. Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, etc. make war look terrible as it is, but also it glorifies it, making it look exciting and adrenaline pumping
  5.'s the American dream,man.
  6. Yea.. try and tell me rappers aint good at makin music when they make livin in the ghetto sound nice.
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  8. Daaamn, old ass thread.
  9. Haha yeah I found it in google search, and had to add my 2c's.
  10. neva catch me out in far rock.
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    We gotta get up sometime BF, burn some haze and just chill -- im always out by redfern and edgemere, I love rockaway.
  12. I thought most people rapped about how much the ghetto sucked and how hard their life is/was because they lived there?
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    Some do, some people glamorize it.

    Like this song, is glamorizing the harlem/nyc lifestyle, drug dealing, shooting up your enemies, and smoking tons of weed.

    [ame=]Children Of The Corn-American Dream - YouTube[/ame]

    The hood is a complex place, there are great things about the hood, but also bad elements -- personally i wouldn't trade it for anything, I love my lifestyle but thats just me.
  14. Ain't nothing good in the hood.

    I'd run away from this bitch and never come back if I could.
  15. For me the good times far outweigh the bad times. Nothing like rolling up a blunt on a project bench, passing around the bottle, with 30 nigs just chillen, cracking jokes, and listening to music.

  16. Thats what life is about, just chillin and havin a good ass time.
  17. That ain't doing shit, somebody still gonna get beat up or shot during that time over some argument.

    The only people that like the hood are the people making it worse, the hood is built for your downfall & seclusion... Biggin' it up is not a good look.

  18. We can't discuss certain things on the forum, so ill just put it down that I love my hood and NYC in general.

    If I left the hood I would have to find a new line of work you feel me.

    Plus im Trinitario and that is for life, the hood raised me and it will be the hood the kills me.

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