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Ghetto grow, need some help. 2nd week flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by optima, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. I think you are doing a great job. I would separate them next time , you will get a better yeild. Very pretty girls.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. For sure, next time it will be one pot one plant
  3. So here is the report:
    I have harvested 3/4 plants. The yield was smaller than expected but that is what you get for growing 4 plants in one pot. I forgot to make a wet weight but the biggest bud weights 9.2grams. I will hang dry for 3 days and paper bag dry for 3 more days. The plant that is left to be harvest in a week or 2 is huge!

    Here are some pictures:
    First, second and third pic is before harvest (I forgot to take pic before i choped down the frist plant, I was too exited)
    Fourth and 5th pic is the 3 plant before and after the trim
    6th and 7th pic is the remaining plant alone in his pot
    8th is them drying
    9th is how they started...

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  4. alright, this is to conclude, i have harvested the last one a week after ^^those one above^^

    5th picture is the dry weight (in grams) of the last plant
    6th picture is all of them curing the 3 small pot are 3 plants seperately curing. total of their dry weight is about 12g (yea, kinda pathetic but that was the risk of growing 4 plant in one pot... for sure i wont do it next time)

    to this day, i have smoke was everything that was left on the paper in the last pic and the weed is ok, i am not dead but i have a cold thought... anyways at this very moment, i am making some cannabutter with the trimmings that i have kept. i have also added a bit of buds to help it. it is also a firt time. lets hope ill work.

    thanks to the follower and viewers. and most of all thank to the community

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