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Ghetto grow, need some help. 2nd week flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by optima, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Hi, this is my first grow, As you can see in picture 1 + 2 and maybe 5 + 6, My setup is kinda cheap and the space is extremely limited. I do not intend to upgrade anything for this grow. When I switched to 12/12, i decided to cut a top a plant that was almost touching the light, thinking it would stop the height. Seconds later, I realized it was a bud site, fml.... What I have done was like a fim job. Now, its growing 2 new branches and the leafs are touching/burning because of the bulb, as you can see in picture 3. I was thinking if I should chop it down a liltle lower to allow the side branches to grow and hopefully have bud sites? Picture 4 is the stem of the plant in question. At this point, all I want is to get some bud out of that plant.

    Do you guys think it is safe to do, or any other suggestion?

    Here are some other specification
    2x 29w cfl 2700k + 1x 27w cfl 6500k at 12/12
    No vent.... Temp is between 30-33 C. pH...???
    Fert. Miracle grow ultra bloom 10-15-10
    It was fim a few time during veg and obviously some ghetto lst

    I have thrown in some other pics. They are not super quality but hope it does the job

    Thank you

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  2. I would hack that boaboy. my dad had a light fall on his purple and so we had to top it in early bloom. And it's fine.
  3. so you are saying that i should go ahead and top it lower on the stem? or to leave it as is? because it is 1mm from touching the bulb right now...

    funny coincidence, that plant in question is some purple kush. In that same pot, theres also 2x M39 and some outdoor strain... yea 4plants in one pot... :S
  4. I myself would top it. But Im no pro. But like I said we toped a plant durring bloom and it's doing fine.
  5. yea, i have been thinkng that for so long. i am gonna ahead and do it... how low you think i should go to have enough space for the bud?
  6. well keep in mind once you go into 12/12 your plant will double in size. so you got a 2 ft tall plant at harvest it will be 4ft tall
  7. right... ill go ahead and top it at 2/3 - 1/2 of its size. i hope it wont hurt it. eventually ill be screwed with setup but ill work it out though... thanks for your guidance
  8. another question.... because the stem is kinda thick, is there any care for the stump im about to make?
  9. Not that I know of. I just left mine.

  10. Just a reminder 1 plant per pot. roots can get entangled with each other and kill the plants
  11. for those who could be interested about a ghetto grow op, here is a lil update. going into the 4th week of flowering. the purple kush that i have cut is doing fairly well... there are 3 liltle bud site with pistils (they could have been bigger but whatever...). There was a plant that i thought was some outdoor strain turned out to be a purple kush as well... stupid me, i neglected that one and the bud sites are small as well...

    1st pic is the pk that i have cut the stem
    2nd pic is the plant that i realized it was pk
    other pic ... well enjoy them

    criticism would be apreciated, i want to know how im doin as a fist timer.

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  12. yea i know... i was suppose to choose the best sprout out of 5 that i started with. i decided to keep 4... not sure why again... :S
  13. nice looking plants man, curious to see how this grow finishes out! Good Luck!:wave:
  14. Thanks, you got nice things goin on as well
  15. that's a good grow for a first timer!
  16. Thanks, good to know im on a good track.

    Right now, the budz arent really fatting up... Some of them are long though but not fat... Hope they will soon, I want them to be obese
  17. Voila, just updating some pic. Goin into 5th week

    4th pic is the PK, it is not growing as I would of like. It is in the middle of my crop, and the fact that it is like between the 3 bulbs, I thought it would just mega bloom but seems like not. I must say that I had to chop it almost half way during the start of flowering...

    The last 2 are some pics I tried to take of the back side of the cage. Cant see the other PK but it is at the far end corner. It is doin just ok..

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  18. Can anyone tell me when I'll be harvesting, would it be better to only harvest what is ready and leave some other to develop more or harvest all at once?
  19. You should harvest them once theyre done. That way you will get much more out of them as they fatten up and more resin is produced. You should invest in a cheap microscope to check the thrichomes. From the thrichomes youll be able to determine when theyre ready to be harvested :D

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