ghetto grow, need a few answers

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  1. so i've decided to tackle my first grow. It's in a fairly decent sized closet. ive planted 2 bag seeds in a 3 gallon pot, i skipped starting in a cup.. is this wrong? also i didn't germinate them and i have 2 100watt cfl's for lighting atm. So if they decide to sprout how long am i looking at? ive decided to go 12/12 from seed cause i have no effort into this grow, and im limited in space and money. Maybe the won't even sprout at all? all advice is appreciated;)
  2. You dont have to germinate seeds first, but i usually like to germinate then plant, because i know wether or not the germination was succesfull within the first day or two, rather then waiting up to a week for the seed to sprout..

    Seeds can sprout anywhere from 24hours to a week after germination..

    Im going to use a 12/12 cycle from sprout as well. Cabs in my sig.
  3. nice one bro, hope she works out for ya, what should the light cycle be while its under the soil and not sprouted yet?
  4. few things bad here

    1. Dont plant two plants in one pot to much competition
    2. Leave the light on 24/7 from seed till "you" decide to flower then 12/12
    3. Put effort into it if not ur plant will suck
    4. Bags seeds need to come from dank weed shitty seeds grow shitty weed
    5. research as much as you can and then some more
    There is alot of very good advice on here so basically anyone can grow if they read. Take the time and do your research it will pay off in the end
  5. I was told not to put under light before sprouting. Plants can absorb light through thier leaves and stems and whatnot, the roots absorb the water and nutrients and all that.

    Plant seed 1/2 inch under soil, soil should me moist (not wet!) and quite warm. Wrap some cling wrap over the top of your pot to keep moisture in, seeds should sprout within a few days. Day after sprouting then you can ease under lighting..

  6. I have 1 seed to each pot, no worries there. The effort will start once she sprouts lol, i meant effort towards germination ect. I will show them lots of love. Thanks boys

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