GHE Diamond Black + B Essentials any good?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Shreder, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. hey everybody so i told my guy at the local hydro store that I ran out of Atazyme and kindly he just gave me those 2 bottles for free, was wondering if anybody tried those and liked the results..

    Id like to supplement my balcony garden (tomatoes, basil, mint, parsley and more)

    and my current Automatic N.Lights (30 days from seed)

    All grown in coco / perlite mix

    pics and thanks! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. If he gave you that stuff, it probably isn't his best seller.

    Nutes are a bit like dog food. Most owners buy what they think the dog should have, not what the dog would've picked.
  3. lol yeah, i dont mind that.. but actually he gave it free cuz im refering my friends to him regularly and we're in good relations, he always gets the price down for me and def wont give / sell me somethings thats crap..
    and idk man nutes are nutes just chemical shit mixed together in a bottle, we can all make those ferts at home for dimes but id rather keep the smells and mess out of my crib lol..

    so really just looking for an honest opinion about those products before i use em and see myself..

    and as long as my dogs breath is fine, her smell and feel.. and poop.. then i know the food is well... same bout my plants, if theyre forever green, i dont care of the label.. :)

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  4. Hi hi
    I the the General organics line up that uses black diamond.

    Black diamond and the root enhancer are both great for seedlings and I even give it to my girls in early flower with a 0-0-1 npk and not super hot, it works very Well!

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  5. thanks buddy, used it on my vegatables garden.. used black diamond @ 4ml / L, and the B Essentials @ 1ml / L as it didnt have dosage on the bottle.. is this the right dosage? tnx a lot

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  6. Black diamond is a 5 ml per gallon. It's weak so it shouldn't burn anything. Usually 1 ml per liter or 1.25 no per liter is safe.

    Or 4-5 ml per gallon

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  7. couldnt quite get you, its advised to use 4ml per liter on the bottle of Black Diamond, are you speaking about the "B Essentials"?

    I watered my garden (vegatables and spices) with 1ml / l of b essentials, 4ml / l black diamond and 2ml / l of some local npk base. EC @ 1200.
    EC of 4ml / l black diamond is roughly 200, so it is very weak as u said..

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