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  1. Just wondering?

    What the routes of administration for GHB( liquid E, blah blah blah), are there?

    I might get 5ml for 10?
    Idk if its a bad deal never seen it before lol..
  2. Just drink it.I was in Texas one time at a rave.I was kicking it with a friend smoking a blunt and some random dude came up to me and was like you down with the g.So I tried it then,it is like being super drunk but still funtionable and shit,kinda hard to explain.
  3. drink it :)
    i get 1$/ml
  4. GHB is a solid crystaline salt disolved in water normally and as such price/ml means nothing. The stuff is easy as hell to make so should be pretty cheap.
  5. Well lets see... theres 4.5mL in a syringe thing that comes with the bottle, and we usually get $5 for 2mL --- So if you are getting 5mL for 10, thats about right

    Enjoy that shit, dont take too much tho, unless you like to vomit. haha
  6. 5mL will knock your ass out. That's really like 2 doses.

    I think the functional limit for most average weight people is about 2.5-3mL. 5mL is date rape quanitity.

  7. :ey::rolleyes::p:cool::smoke: <--- in that order
  8. I was thinking of poppin 2 X tabs and drinkin about 2.5 ml.

    Sound like a good time?
  9. Sounds like a GREAT time :)
  10. oh alexy, how i envy your adventures.
  11. Sounds like a kickass time bro.

    What rolls you been getting?

  12. I've never done GHB/GBL but from what I've read yeah that sounds perfect. The GHB might make you a little sleepy I'm told and if your ecstasy doesn't have any meth in it you might have more of a stoney drunk roll than if it had some amp/caffeine

  13. White transformers/Blue and white bolts/Green ninja turtles/Pink and green stars/Green trees.
  14. Neat. I've had a lot of molly going around, Red RDS, Green turtles, Blue glocks.

  15. You have the turtles too?

    I heard the contain "acid'.

    I straight lol'ed when i heard that.
    Pretty sure there high dose BZP
  16. Yeah. I heard someone say mescaline and I laughed in his face.

    Blue Glocks are good though.
  17. People put mescaline in ecstasy all the time.

    They take the time to grow the cacti, extract the mescaline out of it's precious buttons. Obtain all the sassafrassy precursors for MDMA, whip up a batch of MDP2P and covert that over to MDMA but take the time to press it with mescaline.

    You guys don't get those rolls too? :(

    Seriously, to have a roll that had a cactus on it would be..... wow. Wow.
  18. I was always under the impression that you couldn't fit enough mesc to trip into a pill. But hey, ya learn something knew every day.
  19. Oh dude that was a TOTAL joke haha I'm sorry
  20. I'm tryin' GHB for the first time Saturday night, also... you guys think it'd be safe to mix a low-medium dose of G with some Adderall? G restricts the release of dopamine, while Adderall enhances its release.

    I was thinkin' about takin' the Adderall twenty-thirty minutes before the shots of G... read somewhere online (not a credible source), that it's great to mix the two, but I just want to make sure.

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