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  1. I'm making the change from powders to liquids and see they've got different measurements for various stages of growth.

    I was using maxi grow @ ~250 ppms currently. Any higher than that and it would melt the plant.

    In a 5 gallon dwc bucket what would be your preferred ratio of each and why?

    I see lots of different folks using just micro and bloom. Why not also include the grow formula?

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    Gh flora minus the grow is the "Lucas Formula"  I've been using it with great success for many years. It's simple, inexpensive, gives great results and almost never requires ph adjustments when used with ro. When using with ro, I would also add calmag at about half of recommended dose. What has worked for me is 10-15ml per 5g bucket of micro with double that amount of bloom per 5g bucket. These amounts are considerably lower than what Lucas suggests, but as long as you keep the ratio right you'll be fine. Lucas had found there there was enough nitrogen in the micro to make the grow unnecessary.
  4. +1 on the Lucas formula. I run a 5/10ml ratio per gallon of RO. Lucas suggests 8/16 unless in low light conditions. I grow with cfl's so the 5/10 works for me, I have tried to go a little stronger but my ph would fluctuate more. I agree with adding calmag, but not all plants will need it.

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  5. Did I never tell you that I use all three of those? Plus a few other things. It's been working great for me.
  6. I went back to the beginning of my grow to find this picture ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413920510.397636.jpg and when I did I saw you were actually one of the first to comment on any of my stuff. I apologize that we are in three different areas discussing everything I'll try to stick to this one and my own. Are you starting from seedling or switching on your clone right now? I'll do my best to guide you through what I did and what my measurements were for each week. Keep in mind I didn't have a ppm meter the first few weeks but I know what I fed them and how they reacted. But for starters I have two ten gallon totes each one WAS originally equipped with 3 plants. I feed the totes with enough "soup" to reach about 3 inches from the top. At the start before the root systems went insane it was roughly 7.5-8 gallons in each tote. Let me know what stage you want to start at.
  7. Hmmm Im in the aggressive vegetation growth stage ... Is that a stage? Lol.

    The clone was on the maxi series but I've switched her to flora for the past few weeks now.

    I've been using the ratios to start that are on the back of the bottles.

    Surprisingly it put me over 1k ppm.

    I freaked out at first but said f it and let it ride. According to my meters I could give it more.... Which blows my mind. 1000 ppm of maxi and my plant would be dead lol.

    I mixed for 3 gallons of water which is probably closer to 3.5 or 4.

    Anyways I basically just multiplied their number of tsp by 3 to get my ratio for tsp to gallons. Then multiplied that by 5 so I could measure out in ml.

    "Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now."

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  8. I run powders of maxibloom and maxigrow i think its called.

    Blooms all thats needed. I kept my flowers at 12-1400ppms in full flower and they loved that number.

    Never done any liquids, cant comment, but wanted to toss that out there.

    As you know, i ran 5gal dwc as well.

    Also got some koolbloom, not sure if that stuff helped or not tbh.
  9. GenHydro G,M,B is great. I follow the instructions on the bottle, and get great results.
  10. U dont,need part 1 (green) its a gimick, there's enough N in the micro and,bloom for your plants (LUCAS)
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    At the moment I've been using all 3 parts. The shop I patron sells them as a bundle for the same price as 2.

    I figured WTH might as well use it since I got it.

    The only thing that's come to mind as a potential issue with using all 3 would be N tox. But so far I personally have not experienced that with using all 3.

    I do however really like these so much more than their powdered maxi line. If nothing else there are no dissolved solids left over.

    That alone is a pushing point for me. To have consistent tds readings from day to day on point is so much easier with the liquids. As the plant consumes the soup its not becoming super rich with the declining water line.

    Maxi line is fantastic. Its super easy to use. Scoop and go. I've had good results using it. But I'm telling ya I couldn't push it past 450ppm without burning the hell out of it.

    This current grow with the liquid 3 part ismore than 4x that level.
    I tested her last night and she's at 1960 ppms in her 100litres of water.

    She's on a 3x3 screen in a dwc setup.
    There has been no nutrient burn on her.

    If you've been using the powders I really recommend giving the 3 part series a try.
  12. Just want to throw in another vote for the Lucas Formula. Been using it for years as my base, it's truly the best most consistent thing I've come across. Screw buying GH Grow, why waste the money? I'm huge fan and devotee of just Micro and Bloom. 

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